Taking care of your carpets and keeping them in the best condition can turn into a real challenge. To make this easier, check out this list of the most common carpet destroyers so you can avoid them.

The Most Common Carpet Destroyers

The wall to wall carpeting in your home can be pretty great, so it makes sense for you to take care of it to keep it at its best for a long time. However, what you may not notice is that there are tons of things in your home that can contribute to its downfall. Some of these things may be more obvious than others but rest assured knowing that you can work to eliminate these carpet destroyers or at least keep them from causing real havoc on your carpet.

Moisture and Water

Water and moisture are basically any carpet's worst enemy. While these may not seem like a huge deal, carpet that is exposed to large quantities of water for a long time may actually have no chance at being restored. You may be thinking that a minor spill here or there isn't something worry about, but this can also contribute to moisture issues in your carpet. Do your best to keep water out of your carpet in all quantities in order to ensure your carpet doesn't suffer water damage that can lead to mold. It's also a good idea to only carpet areas of your home that aren't exposed to a lot of moisture.

Bugs and Creepy Crawlers

Bugs can be hard to spot, so you may not notice that they're living in your carpet until they've already done some serious damage. Anything from carpet beetles to moths can take up residence in your carpet's fibers, start a family, and eat away at your carpet. Vacuuming can do away with these bugs when there are just a few, so be sure to vacuum at least a couple times a week to prevent bugs from taking over. If you notice moths in your home, do your best to get rid of them. They won't only cause damage to your carpets, they can also eat away at your furniture, clothing, and other housewares.

Pets in the Home

It's hard to get mad at your pets because you love them, but they can actually contribute to significant carpet wear. From accidents on your carpet to their little claws causing tears in your carpeting, your pets may not mean to but they can cause a lot of damage. To prevent this from occurring, potty train your pets, take them to the groomers regularly, and consider making certain rooms in your home off-limits for them. Whether your carpet is looking stained and dull or it's simply time for your next carpet cleaning in Denver, schedule this service with the best cleaners around. Contact the carpet cleaning pros at Denver Cleanpro to get your carpets looking like new. To learn more about their services, call them at 303-903-1261.

Food Spills

Eating in carpeted areas of your home may be something you do often, but be very careful when doing this. Spilling food or drinks may not seem like it can cause much damage, but over time these stains can look downright appalling and can contribute to your carpet's destruction. If you do eat over your carpet often, be careful about the kind of food and drinks you have. Messy items and items that cause permanent stains should be left for non-carpeted areas. If you do have a spill, do your best to clean it up right away. Avoid using carpet cleaners and water to clean this up since this can cause even more damage. Soak up as much of the stain as possible so it doesn't penetrate deep into your carpet and wait for a professional to remove the leftover stain.

The Outdoors

Keeping the outdoors outside may not seem like a challenge, but that's because you don't realize how much of it you and your family drag inside and into your carpet. Dirt, moisture, and other debris will get stuck to your shoes, which then drag everything into your carpet. While it may not be noticeable right away, these can all damage your carpet fibers, making your carpet look dirty, matted, and dull. In fact, dirt can even break carpet fibers, causing thinning over time. To prevent this, use doormats at entryways and use a pair of indoor shoes any time you're in the house.

It's Time for a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Denver, CO

Another part of ensuring your carpets stay at their best is getting regular professional carpet cleanings. If it's time for your next cleaning, contact the carpet cleaning pros at Denver Cleanpro. Give them a call at 303-903-1261 and be sure to ask about all of their other services.

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