When choosing a color for your carpet, black may not be your first option. However, in this post by Denver Cleanpro in Denver, CO, you'll learn why you may want to have a dark-colored carpeting. 

Why You Should Opt for a Darker Carpet

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It Brightens Up the Space

One concern people may have about opting for dark colors in their carpet is that it will make their whole place gloomy and sad. However, the exact opposite can happen. This is because the contrast between a dark floor and a light-colored wall can actually make the whole place seem brighter and more airy, meaning that your space will have a more luminous look.

It Goes With Everything

Having a carpet that's blue, purple, green, or other color, can definitely add style and a fun element to your place. The problem comes when you want to decorate the rest of the room. This is because, those colors can be hard to coordinate, meaning you'll have to restrict your decor to keeping it from clashing with the floor. Darker colored carpets don't have that problem because those colors can go with everything.

It's Elegant

When you think about black as a color, you may get the sense that it's an elegant, powerful, luxurious, and elevated hue. And it's true, which is why it is often preferred in formal wear, in accessories, and in various other luxury items. Well, if these are traits that you'd like to bring into your home, choosing a darker color for your carpet may be the best way to do it.

It's Easier to Clean

Now, probably the biggest advantage to having a black or darker carpet is that you won't have to worry as much about keeping it clean. Needless to say, this is because any stain, dirt spot, or other unsightly mark won't be visible as it would if the carpet were white or a lighter hue. Keep in mind, however, that while you may not have to be as careful with your dark carpet, this doesn't mean that you should mistreat it or avoid its routine cleaning sessions, especially for sanitary reasons.

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It Makes Your Place Cozier

As mentioned above, black and other darker colors can seem very elegant and powerful. However, this won't make your place seem unapproachable or too upscale. In fact, in can make your place have a cozier look and feel. This is because the darker hues can help create a more intimate and inviting ambiance, which will make your family and friends feel more at home when they're in it.

It Lets Other Elements Shine

While a dark carpet can seem like it will be very demanding of attention, it's quite the contrary; it can actually help the other decoration elements in the room become more visible. This is especially good if you have artwork you like to display or certain ornaments that you want to bring forward. The dark carpet won't compete for attention with them, ensuring they catch the eye of whoever steps into the room.

It's More Resistant

Do you have kids or pets in your house? Do you want your flooring to stay good as new for more time? Do you need a carpet that will be able to put up with a lot? If any of these are true, then you can count on a dark carpet to help you out. This is because its darker hue makes it more resistant to damage, since the signs of strife won't be as readily noticeable as if you had a lighter color on your floors.

It Can Cost You Less

Last but not least, there's a great reason to opt for a black or dark-colored carpet: it will ultimately cost you less. As mentioned a few times over, a darker carpet won't get dirty as easily and will be able to be in good shape for longer. These two combined mean that you won't have to spend a lot of money getting it deep cleaned, fixed, or replaced, making the dark-colored carpet a much more cost effective option for your household.

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