A disheveled house, a mold infestation, a smelly carpet, and more, can happen if you don't keep your carpeted floors clean. Read this post to learn why it's imperative that you maintain them properly.

Why You Should Clean Your Carpet on a Regular Basis

Owning a carpet requires some commitment on your part. If you don't do a good job at keeping up with it, your floors can become a nightmare. To learn a bit more about why you should clean your carpets regularly, continue reading the post below.

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There Will Be Bacteria and Virus Present

Bacteria and virus are everywhere. That can't be avoided. However, when you stop cleaning your carpets, the harmful kinds of bacteria and virus can begin to spread in your home. According to Bright Nest, there can be up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch in your dirty carpet, and some of them could be E.Coli or Salmonella which, as you may be aware, can seriously affect your and your family's health.

Insects May Start to Grow In It

It's disgusting to even think about, but there's the very real possibility that there are insects and tiny organisms living, eating, reproducing, dying, and more, in your flooring, especially if you aren't responsible for its cleanliness. From dust mites to ticks, and even ants can be using your carpeting as their home. Not only is that nasty, but it can also take a toll on your allergies, and overall well-being.

The Carpet May Develop Mold

Continuing with the theme of revolting organisms that could exist in your carpeting, there's mold. Mold is a fungus that thrives in humid environments, and that, if left to its own devices, can spread quickly and ruin your belongings, your home, and your health. One way to stop it (or control it) is to keep clean and dry home and carpets, to ensure it won't be able to grow and spread further.

Substances Will Get Trapped In It

After some time and use, it's inevitable that certain substances will get trapped in your carpet's fibers. For example, dead skin, hair, dirt, food, and more, are all likely to be dwelling in the depths of your carpet's material. Unfortunately, a simple vacuuming session won't be enough to completely remove these nasty agents from your flooring. You will need to call a professional team to ensure they're cleaned off for good.

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Your House Will Look Disheveled

Your floor is an important part of your home's aesthetics. So much so, in fact, that if your floors aren't clean, it's probable that your whole house will seem disheveled, even if that's not the case at all. That's why it's imperative that you be wary and promptly clean off any spills from substances that may stain your floors since those unsightly spots can completely throw off your entire place's look and feel.

Your House Will Smell

A dirty carpet won't only look gross, it will smell gross as well. This is because the bacteria, substances, mold, etc. trapped in it will begin to emit a not-so-pleasant odor. What's worse is that you may not even notice it, since you may experience a case of nose blindness. However, you can rest assured that your guests will surely be able to point it out as soon as they walk into your home.

The Carpet's Color and Texture Will Change

Two of the main reasons why you got a carpet in the first place are because it went with your home's decor and because it was soft. Well, both of these attributes can be lost promptly if you don't clean your carpet every so often. In fact, your carpet can get discolored, patchy, develop dents, become coarse, and more, if you don't take the time and effort to care for it as you should.

Its Lifespan Will Be Shortened

Last but not least, a carpet that's not maintained properly is one that won't last as long as it normally would. Carpets have a life expectancy, which can be shortened or extended depending on how you treat them. Needless to say, carpets are a big investment, so if you don't want that money to be lost, you should do what you can to ensure your carpet has a long lifespan.

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