Now that you’ve figured out some unique ways to upcycle your carpet, you may have decided that it is time to get new carpet, or perhaps you’re going with tile or hardwood instead. No matter what you choose, you may also want to get some great area rugs to cover those surfaces, protecting your new flooring. Just as is the case with wall to wall carpet, area rugs can benefit from great care, and every once in a while, a professional carpet cleaning. Today, Cleanpro would like to share some of the most essential area rug cleaning tips. As well, we’d like to remind you that you can rely on us for carpet cleaning in Denver when the time comes for a professional clean.

Regular Cleaning

Your large area rugs are going to benefit from regular cleaning to the same extent wall to wall carpet does. 
  • Vacuum your area rugs as many times a week as you would your regular carpet.
  • As your area rug is likely the softest part of the floor, if you have pets, you’ll likely find this is a popular place for them to lay and you should therefore use a pet hair roller to regularly remove hair from the carpet fibers as well.


  • Turn your area rug every six months to avoid one part of the rug getting extra wear due to heavy furniture sitting on top of it. Rotating the rug will mean the fibers will share the load.
  • Likewise, rotating your carpet will help to keep one part from fading more than others. Your rug is exposed to both natural and artificial light on a regular basis. Rotating the rug will help to avoid discoloration on only one part of the rug.

Stain Removal 

  • Start by following the instructions that were given by the store you purchased the rug from or what you’ll find on the rugs label.
  • You should only be spot cleaning an area rug on your own.
  • Remember to test your cleaning method in a corner or area of the rug that is the least visible.
  • Have your area rugs professionally cleaned by the carpet cleaning professionals. 

Now that your area rugs are in tip top shape, you may discover that the surrounding carpet is in major need of a professional clean. We can help you with that, using our green cleaning method. For carpet cleaning in Denver, contact us at (303) 903-1261 and schedule your consultation today. Don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets.

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