You never know what microscopic universe can be dwelling in the depths of your carpeted floors. To get a better idea, read this post that Denver Cleanpro in Denver, CO put together for you.

Organisms Living in Your Carpeted Floors

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Mold, the Dangerous Fungus

For starters, we need to have a conversation about mold. As you may be aware, mold is a fungus (which is already troubling information to assimilate). Not only that, but it is a fungus that can spread easily, as it is pretty much present everywhere you look, and only requires moisture in order to thrive. Unfortunately, if you allow mold to grow it can wreak havoc on your home. For one, it will develop on your belongings and eat away at them, ruining them for good. But, what's even worse, is that it can affect your and your family's health, causing respiratory illnesses and other types of nuisances. For that reason, it is imperative that you keep your carpets clean, and that you ensure that the moisture levels in your house are low. This way, mold won't have any excuse to make your flooring its breeding ground. Still, if it's a bit late, and mold has already started to make your carpeting its home, you should call a professional. They will be able to evaluate the situation and give you a solution to get rid of the dangerous fungus effectively.

Bacteria, the Inescapable Germ

If you remember anything from biology class, then you know that bacteria are microscopic organisms. And as the title of this entry says, bacteria is inescapable. It is absolutely everywhere. No matter what you do, or how clean you are, it will find you and develop anywhere you let it. Still, this doesn't mean that you should give up. While not all bacteria is bad, some of it can be dangerous. For example, E-coli can be present in your carpeted floors which can be found in fecal matter. This is unsettling information, since it can result in severe diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and other not-so-pleasant symptoms. That's why you should be thorough with your home's cleanliness if you want to keep the harmful bacteria under control. To that end, you should be diligent with your floors' cleaning sessions, and why you should be prompt whenever a substance spills on your carpeting.

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Virus, the Damaging Agent

Only reading the word 'virus' can send a chill down your spine. And this is because, while virus can also be found everywhere and anywhere, it can be especially troubling to have them living in your carpeted floors. As you may be know, virus are damaging agents that have only one purpose in life: latching on to a host and infecting its living cells in order to reproduce. Sometimes, in that process, they end up making the host severely sick, and even killing it. If you want to protect your family, friends, and pets from dangerous virus in your home, you should make an effort to keep everything as clean as you can. Of course, part of this includes having a professional come and take care of your carpeted floors around once a year. Doing so will guarantee that your flooring will be sanitary and in perfect shape.

Bugs, the Pesky Pests

Finally, we need to discuss some beings that can live in your carpeting, that you may be able to see: bugs. Anything from fleas and bed bugs, to dust mites, ticks, ants, and other parasites may make themselves at home in your carpeting. Not only is it disgusting and unsettling thinking that those bugs are living, eating, reproducing, laying eggs, dying, and dropping waste right under your feet, but having them near can cause other annoyances. For example, their bites can leave marks on your skin. Plus, they can also cause allergic reactions and other not-so-pleasant effects. If you start seeing traces of these pesky pests around your home, you may need to call an exterminator to get rid of them (since some of them won't leave easily). Other than that, keeping your whole house (including your floors) in top shape will help to prevent their growth.

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