While your dogs provide you with unconditional love and companionship, you should also make an extra effort to keep your home free of pet stains and odors. For this reason at Cleanpro in Denver, we created the following post containing useful tips for pet owners.

If You are a Pet Owner, Follow these Tips:

Wipe their Paws

Going for a walk is the highlight of your dog's day, however it also means they may bring mud, dust and other debris into your home. You can use a cloth to wipe their paws before they enter and trim the hair around their feet to prevent that they feet collect any unwanted particles.

Wash their Bedding

Your pet's bedding will collect allergens and hair that can trigger allergies in certain people, so be sure to wash the cover regularly. Also,  remember that odors can seep into your walls, so make sure to wash them with soap and water.

Clean Regularly

Groom your dog on a regular basis to reduce dander and vacuum you home regularly. You should remove pet stains immediately, otherwise they can dry and become difficult to spot,  which will create an unpleasant setting in your home; don't forget that using white vinegar is a good solution to neutralize their pungent smell. If pet stains are a regular situation, consider training your pet. Keep in mind that your vacuum cleaner is an effective appliance to remove dust, debris and other particles form your carpet that can damage its fibers, however your machine requires special attention to prevent malfunctions and improve its performance, so be sure to read our guide to maintain your vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning in Denver

At CLEANPRO we use an exclusive system that uses very little moisture to clean safely the dirtiest of carpets,  while most of our competitors use the same outdated methods. Consider us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Denver. Call (303) 903-1261 to schedule an estimate.

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