Here at Denver Cleanpro in Colorado, we know all the different types of carpet, how they are made, and definitely how they should be cleaned. Our knowledge base of carpets is huge, and we would like to take this opportunity to share some of this knowledge with you. What exactly is a carpet? Here are some of the answers….

Description of Carpet

Carpeting is a textile floor covering made up of pile attached to a fiber backing. Usually, the pile is made of twisted cut or looped strands of wool, nylon, polyester, or polypropylene that are heat-treated to maintain their structure.

History of Carpet

Most of us have been using carpets in our homes since the Middle Eastern nomadic tribes laid it in their huts over 2,000 years ago to insulate their tents from the cold. Today, more than a billion square feet of carpeting is produced in the United States alone each year.

Production of Carpet

Carpets today are mechanically made with a method that weaves yarn fibers into a  stiff backing. A needle pushes the fibers through the underside of the backing. Hooks then hold the fibers in place as the needle goes back down into the backing, creating a loop. This looped carpet is called “tufted carpet.” If a “cut pile carpet” is needed then the tufted carpet goes through yet one more step in the process. The hooks holding the fibers in place is raked over sharp blades, cutting the loops into strands which are what makes up a cut pile carpet. Once the carpet is finished, it is washed and dried. Stray strands are trimmed and then it's rolled up tight and ready for sale.

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