Everyone talks about the carpet, but what of the one thing that makes the carpet so luxuriously comfortable? Here at Cleanpro in Denver, CO, our job is keeping carpets clean, and we know what a difference the padding makes to carpet. Let’s take a look at this unsung hero of the carpet industry.

What is a Carpet Pad?

The carpet pad plays a critical role in your carpet's appearance and performance. This pad is a sheet of spongy material that is installed underneath your carpet. It is cut slightly smaller than the carpet in order to fit inside the floor side of the tack strip. The pad is either glued or stapled to your subfloor.

What is the Purpose of a Carpet Pad?

The sole purpose of a carpet pad is to protect your carpet. It keeps the backside of your carpet from wearing against the subfloor. It also lessens the stress on your carpet by absorbing impact from foot traffic and furniture. Your carpet will flatten much faster without padding, and it will be uncomfortable to walk on. Padding provides thermal insulation that keeps the room warmer. It also dampens sound which is especially important for upstairs rooms.

Purchasing a Carpet Pad

Read the carpet manufacturer's recommendations. If you install the wrong type of pad, it could void your warranty. Before choosing a carpet pad, think about what activities will be going on in the room. If kids will be playing on it, consider picking a thicker pad for comfort. Does someone in your home use a wheelchair? Take into account that wheelchairs do not roll well on soft padding. You can install a carpet directly on the floor….but why?

Keep your new carpet and the padding it sits on clean and free of harmful allergens using the CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning System. Call Cleanpro carpet cleaning in Denver to schedule an appointment at 303-903-1261.

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