Ah, carpets! They are what supports us, what keeps our homes cozy and warm, and upon which we enjoy time with our family. However, if you want your carpeting to stay pretty and functional for a longer time you need to protect it properly. If you’d like a few tips on how to keep your carpet spotless and free from harm, continue reading this post!

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

  • The first step in prevention is using stain repellents on your carpeted floors. These will help ward off any damage that may be caused by a spill or accident near your flooring.
  • If you want to keep your carpets pretty, you need to be strict. Avoid any potentially disastrous situations (like taking food from one room to another) to keep your floor  clean and good as new. 
  • You can also try to instill a “no shoes inside” rule, and make sure that everyone in your household follows it to keep them from dragging in dirt and other gunk from the outside.
  • If you have a furry friend at home, you will have to take certain measures to keep your carpet clean. As you know, their drool, hair, and the dirt they carry can ruin your floor, so use the tips mentioned in the link.
  • You can also use style and decor as your allies in the battle to keep your carpet spotless. Utilize rugs and mats to cover high traffic areas and to add style to your home.
  • If you really want to commit to having clean floors, create a schedule in which you set a timeframe every couple of days to work on it. This will ensure that they’ll be pretty and clean for longer.
  • Tied up to the point above, vacuum your carpet effectively and thoroughly to lift all of the dirt in it and to avoid dust buildup. Go over it a couple of times over to ensure that you’ve gathered as much gunk as possible.
  • Lastly, if an accident happens, act as soon as possible! This can be the difference between removing the stain successfully or having unsightly spots on your carpet for the rest of its lifespan.

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