Here at Cleanpro carpet cleaners in Denver, CO, we are forever cleaning dust out of carpets. When dust gathers and forms a ball, it creates a “dust bunny.” We find them under couches, beds, and appliances. The perfect habitat for dust bunnies is the hardwood floor. Here are some tips on getting rid of those wily little fuzz balls

They are Not as Cute as You Would Think

Dust bunnies are fluffy clumps of dust particles that can contain a mixture of shed skin cells, organic fibers, soil tracked in on footwear, pet hair, and stuff floating in from outdoor air. As the bunnies form, rolling along the floor in the slightest breeze, they collect other debris and dust mites. One gram of dust alone can contain thousands of dust mites, which can cause serious health problems in those who are allergic. 

They Multiply Like…. Well, You Know

The more people and pets you have in your home, the more dust bunnies you will have. On a wood floor, dust bunnies move with the tiniest of breezes. Have you ever tried to sweep up a dust bunny with a broom? It’s near impossible. They tend to gather in corners under things, and when you least expect it, hop across the middle of your floor when someone opens an outside door.

Getting Rid of Them

Invest in a vacuum cleaner with a good microparticle dust filter. Use the vacuum attachments. The long, skinny one is good for sucking dust bunnies out of small and hard to reach areas such as along baseboards and inside air ducts and vents. Use the wide, non-rotating head to capture dust bunnies on all other areas of your hardwood floor. Afterward, use a disposable, microfiber mop head on a Swiffer to clean bunny residue.

Carpet cleaning in Denver

Finally, bring in the professionals for deep cleaning once a season to prevent dust buildup in your carpet. That would be us! Call Cleanpro here in Denver at 303-903-1261 for all your carpet, upholstery, and floor cleaning needs.

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