With the variety of colors, patterns, materials and textures available, it’s easy to get confused when choosing the best carpet for your home. Your carpet should balance and blend specific areas of your home, but of course, there is no better feeling than softness and the pleasure of new carpet under your feet. To help you make this important decision, here are some recommendations from our experts at Denver CleanPro to help you choose the right carpet for your family and home; and assure that you feel satisfied with your purchase.


Padding is one of the most important things to consider. The padding has a huge effect on the feel and the durability of your future carpet.  Quality padding will help the carpet stay strong and feeling comfortable. Choosing a good padding can increase the life of your new carpet for years.

Define Your Home Style

There are a lot of variety and styles. To help you out, consult with vendors in the area. They can show you the different styles and often give you samples to take home and to see if they match the design of your home. If you don’t have a defined style, you can take a look at different web pages or magazines. It's very important to have a clear idea of how you want your house to look so you know where to start.

Pattern and Color

Your perfect carpet should harmonize all of the interior design. Color can help you spice up rooms or you may choose to remain elegant with neutrality. Patterns will give the room texture and depth, and help small rooms look more spacious.


Different types of carpets need different types of care. Find out about the maintenance requirements of the carpet you like before you buy it and be sure that it will work well for your home. Also, you should schedule professional carpet cleaning services at least twice a year to keep it looking as good as possible.


To find which type of carpet is best for your home, you will have to analyze some factors. Different elements of your house will help determine what carpet to put where. Having a lot of traffic in certain areas, being near food, or if it’s a common area for kids and pets are all factors you will need think about to choose the right carpet and ensure a long durability.

Once you have the right carpet, keeping it looking new and fresh takes some work on your part. When it comes time for a scheduled carpet cleaning or anytime you need carpet care, contact Denver CleanPro at (303)903-1261.

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