Getting your home clean and tidy in time for your holiday guests can add even more stress to the season. To help you get this done, check out this useful holiday cleaning list.

Get Your Home Clean and Tidy This Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner, and you may be scrambling to get your home presentable for your guests. Before you get stressed out or give up on getting your home looking great, there are plenty of small moves you can make to get your home looking tidy and welcoming. Whether you're hosting a large get-together or just having a couple of relatives over, use these tips to get your home ready.

Remove the Clutter

If you're short on time, you can quickly and easily make your home look much tidier and put together by simply decluttering. If you're expecting guests to arrive soon, grab a laundry basket and make your way through the common areas while picking up any items that aren't where they belong. Toys left on the ground, shoes, socks, and anything else contributing to the clutter should be picked up and collected in your basket. Don't only focus on the ground either. Grab anything that is making a surface, like your coffee table, or a sitting area look messy. Put the laundry basket away for now and put the items back in their correct place once your guests are gone.

Make Common Areas Cozy

Decluttering can make a space look tidy, but you'll also want to make your home look warm and inviting. Not only will this look nicer, but it can also help your guests feel more comfortable and at home. After decluttering, if time permits, grab your vacuum to cleaner and clean up areas like the carpet, couch cushions, and drapes so that everything looks clean. Don't forget to clean off and dust surfaces like the end tables and windowsills first. Once this is all clean, take a couple of minutes to fluff your couch cushions and place some cozy throws on the couch. If you have a fireplace, starting a fire in it can add instant coziness.

Schedule a Carpet Cleaning

If you still have some time to prepare for your guests' visit, it's a great idea to schedule a carpet cleaning. Since the carpet can change the entire feel of a room, a clean carpet can only have a positive impact. Not only will your carpet look like new, but it can also smell better and feel cushier. You may not notice your carpet is looking worn because you see it every day, but after getting a professional carpet cleaning you'll see what a difference it can make on the overall feel of your home. To get your home looking great this holiday season, be sure to schedule a professional carpet cleaning in Denver. You can schedule your carpet cleaning with the best cleaners around by contacting the pros at Denver Cleanpro. Give them a call at 303-903-1261 to learn more.

Focus on the Kitchen

You may be focusing your cleaning efforts on the common areas of your home, but don't forget the kitchen. If you're planning to cook for your holiday get-togethers, then a spotless kitchen is a must. Think about it this way, would you trust food coming out of a messy and dirty kitchen at a restaurant? To get your kitchen clean quickly, start by washing all of the dishes and putting these away. Clean off the countertops and the stove. Once the surfaces are clean, move large appliances and clean behind them. After this, sweep and mop your kitchen so you can get rid of all the crumbs and stains on the floor. If you've cooked something smelly or pungent, tackle the bad odors before guests arrive. Clean out the drain, throw out the trash, and boil water with lemon in it to neutralize the odors.

Holiday Scents

Finally, to make your home welcoming, focus on getting it to smell good. Sprays can often smell artificial or be too strong, so find other ways to introduce a lighter scent into your home. Scented candles or even baking holiday treats can make your home smell great without being too overwhelming.

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays With a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Denver, CO

To ensure your home is ready to welcome guests, schedule your next carpet cleaning this season. Trust the professional carpet cleaners at Denver Cleanpro to get your carpet back to its best. If you're ready to schedule your next cleaning, give them a call at 303-903-1261 and don't forget to ask about their other services.

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