Keep Your Carpet Clean All Summer

The summer is a great time to invite guests over to your home and enjoy the warmer the weather. Barbecues and movie nights are fun ways to get your friends together, but if you're hosting the party, be ready to clean. Even if you try your best to avoid getting food on your carpet, it's hard to ensure things will go as planned. Here at Cleanpro in Denver we can help you be prepared to fight carpet stains that result from your summer get-togethers.

Barbecue Sauce Stains

Don't be afraid to serve barbecue sauce at your parties, just be prepared to remove the stains should any show up. Dilute about a tablespoon of liquid dish soap with two cups of warm water and apply it to the stain with a clean washcloth. Next, blot the area with a clean washcloth until you have absorbed all the liquid possible. Repeat the same process until the stain has been removed completely.

Ketchup Stains

Ketchup is a popular condiment for many summer foods, but it is also sloppy and can be hard to contain on a plate. If it gets on your carpet, treat it right away. Apply some water to the stain using a clean washcloth or sponge. Dilute some liquid dish soap with warm water and apply it to the stain. Blot the area to remove the liquid. Repeat the same steps until the stain is gone. Remember to restrict traffic through the area until the spot is completely dry.

Fruit Punch Stains

Fruit punch is a popular drink option at summer get-togethers, but spills are inevitable among the reunion laughs. Be ready to treat the stain with a mixture of liquid dish soap, white vinegar and some warm water. Dab the area with a clean washcloth and the liquids you have  mixed together. Blot the area with the mixture every five minutes for about half an hour. Clean the area with some warm water and blot with a clean, dry washcloth until the area is dry. Rinse with a bit of cold water and let the area dry completely. Be sure to check out more tips to help you keep your carpets clean and pretty.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Denver

Professional carpet cleanings are recommended at least twice a year and are an essential part of keeping your carpets clean. For the best and most professional carpet cleaning and carpet care in Denver, call Denver Cleanpro at (303) 903- 1261 and be sure to ask about all our services.

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