If you're anything like us then you're likely looking down at what seems like an ever-growing list of errands and chores that all need to be done in the same amount, if not less time than when the list was half the size. To help you out, Denver Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner has put together some handy vacuum tips for making the most of the time you have.

Make the Most of Your Time Between Your Regular Carpet Cleaning Service in Aurora

In previous articles, we've provided with you extensive information about the best vacuum cleaners on the market. For this post, we're going to talk about how to use them. Now, we're very sure that vacuuming is something that you are well aware of doing and could probably teach your neighbors a few things about, however just like all things, there's always room to learn more.

Don't Let Time Pass You By

If your chore list is anything like most homemakers, it's likely that vacuuming is the chore that takes up the most of your precious time. If you are looking for a way to cut this time down, keep reading. When asked, many homemakers admit that carpet stains are the number one part of vacuuming that they devote their time to. Often never wanting to admit defeat they focus much of their time and energy on removing stubborn stains that are either new or have been there for a while. Here's the rule - if you can't get it out with three sweeps of the vacuum cleaner, keep moving. As much as there's nothing better than beating a stubborn stain, some are just too strong for a regular vacuum cleaner to remove, leaving you to waste valuable chore time trying. On top of wasting your time, you are also damaging your carpet. Focusing your vacuum cleaner on particular spaces of your carpet over and over again needlessly damages the carpet fibers, leading to an overall look of premature aging and discoloration. What's worse, it often draws your visitors eyes to the very stain you've been trying to remove! For those stains that seem to have made a home in your carpet, all is not lost. Getting rid of these stains is possible, it just needs a little more than your regular vacuum cleaner can provide. Speak with Denver Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner at 303 903 1261 and ask about how professional cleaning equipment can not only remove stubborn stains but remove them safely so as not to damage your carpets or cause discoloration.

Meet Your New Best Friends - Vacuum Attachments

With the stain now removed thanks to a professional carpet cleaning service in Aurora, it's time to move on to what else you can do to save time keeping your house clean. Get out the vacuum cleaner box from under the house or the attic and open up the bag of attachments that you left in there, thinking they were just inclusions to fill the box.

Dusting Brush

Next on the list of time consuming chores is dusting. But did you know that your vacuum cleaner was able to speed this task up? This small yet powerful dusting brush attachment is going to help you get your home cleaner than you thought you ever could. Take off the regular brush and attach the dusting brush, often a small head with long bristles. Instead of using your regular dusting wand to move the dust around, this handy accessory is going to suck it right up, not only cleaning surfaces that can be hard to reach but actually removing the dust instead of just moving it around for you and your family to breathe in.

Crevice Tool

This is likely to look like a smaller version of the extension hose that also came with your vacuum cleaner, only it will have a smaller end which is used to focus the suction power. With this attached to your regular hose, you can now get the dust and debris from the creases and crevices where your carpets meet your walls. Additionally, this can be a handy way to remove any cobwebs that have formed on your ceiling or the attic where the vacuum cleaner box once was.

A Natural Carpet Cleaning Service Near Me in Aurora

Whether you're looking at a stubborn stain and aren't sure how you're going to remove it or you're looking for a more natural solution to a traditional steam clean, speak with Denver Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner at 303 903 1261. Utilizing the latest in natural carpet cleaning equipment, Denver Cleanpro - Carpet Cleaner can take of any carpet cleaning needs you have.

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