When you think about it, carpets go through a lot (being stepped on, substances spilling on them, creatures living in them, and much more). That's why it's not surprising to find they require a professional clean every once in awhile. If you aren't sure of when you should provide that for them, below you'll find a few clues that a deep clean is due.

Is Your Carpet in Need of a Professional Deep Clean?

It's Not Smelling Nice

If you can smell your carpeted floors from a mile away (and not in a good way), and nothing seems to mask that disgusting odor, it's time to call a professional team, such as Cleanpro, to come and deal with the situation. Even if you suffer nose blindness, if your guests comment on a pungent smell when they come into your home, get your carpeting cleaned as soon as possible.

It's a Stain-Filled Mess

Stains are bound to appear on your carpet at one point or another. The problem is that if those stains aren't cleaned off properly, your carpet will seem disheveled, which can affect the whole look/feel of your home. Not only that but a spill that wasn't taken care of in an adequate manner can lead to an increase of bacteria growth in your flooring.

There's Mold Developing

A humid environment, an improperly dried carpet, among other conditions may lead to the development of hazardous mold on your carpeting. This is both nasty and potentially dangerous since high mold levels in a house can cause serious health problems in its occupants. If you start to see the first signs of mold growth on your carpet, call Cleanpro right away.

The Floor is Looking Dull

When you first had your carpet installed, you no doubt were thrilled of how its color and style gave a special touch to your home's decor. Time, use, direct sunlight, and other factors, however, can result in your carpeting losing that shine you loved about it. If you notice your carpeting is now a boring fabric on your floor, it's time for a deep clean.

The Carpet is Deformed

Time and use will do more than just make your floors seem lackluster; they can also cause dents, loose fibers, and other deformations on your carpeting. This is especially noticeable once you move your furniture around, only to find that the carpeting underneath them has been crushed. If you notice this in your home, a professional team can help you restore your carpet. Trust that Denver Cleanpro in Denver, CO can be the experienced, dedicated, and reliable team you need to take care of your carpeting. Their unique ion exchange carpet cleaning system will deliver results like you've never seen before. Call 303 903 1261 to set an appointment for a carpet cleaning service Denver, CO. 

It Has a Dust Problem

When you don't vacuum your floors regularly, these will begin to accumulate dust. The thing is that dust buildup can reach the inner padding of your floors, meaning it will be impossible to clean up with a vacuum. What's worse, is that too much dust in a house can lead to respiratory illnesses. If your carpet has become a dust collector, get it professionally cleaned!

Your Carpet Feels Coarse

One of the best perks that come with owning a carpet is the softness and comfort it provides. Those benefits can disappear, however, if the carpet isn't maintained properly. If your flooring now seems rough and coarse, it may be that it just need a good and deep cleaning from a professional team.

Your Home Has Suffered a Disaster

Fires, floods, and other mishaps can happen to any home. Unfortunately, when they do, they leave a world of disaster behind. If your home has suffered a calamity, and your carpet has paid the consequences, all may not be lost. A deep clean may be able to restore your carpet back to its original glory.

It's Been Over a Year

If you want to extend your carpet's lifespan, as well as strip it completely clean of any bad smells, nasty stains, and creepy microorganisms, then it's necessary that you have an experienced team clean it every so often. A good rule of thumb is to do this once a year. If it's been over a year since the last one, set an appointment with Cleanpro today.

Trust in Denver Cleanpro for the Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Denver, CO

Whether your carpet has suffered a mishap, is stained beyond repair, or it just needs a professional pick-me-up, Denver Cleanpro in Denver, CO is the team to turn to. They work with an ion exchange cleaning process which is safe, green, and can guarantee the best results. Call 303 903 1261 to set an appointment for carpet cleaning service Denver, CO. 

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