Despite its importance, not many homeowners give much thought to the underlay they choose. This post has some information which will change your mind about underlay.

The majority of homeowners will spend 99% of their time looking at, researching, and deciding on their carpet and 1% of their time choosing the underlay, often simply opting for the cheapest one available or taking the advice of their contractor. If this sounds like you when you chose your original carpet or it’s you in the decision-making process right now, below is a great post from Denver Cleanpro about the different types of underlay available and the range of benefits they can provide.

A Realistic Budget

There is no denying that renovating your home or even recarpeting your floor can be an expensive task, often leading many homeowners to look at ways to trim the budget and reduce their overall time and costs. And while it can be an easy target, it’s important that you allocate a sufficient amount of your budget to your underlay and protect it from trimming. After reading this article, consider which underlay is important to you and then revisit your budget with this in mind.

Climate Control

For many homeowners, keeping the inside temperature moderate or controlled is an impossible challenge, often relying on a range of appliances, such as standing fans, air conditioners, and even heaters. The right underlay can have significant impacts in this regard, helping to maintain cool temperatures during the summer and retaining heat as much as possible when the temperatures start to drop. While it’s not reasonable to expect it to replace a climate control unit, you can expect to notice a difference, both in temperature and your power bill. If there is a stain which you just can’t remove or you can’t remember the last time your floor received a professional carpet cleaning, speak with an expert at Denver Cleanpro by calling 303-903-1261. Utilizing their proprietary ION Exchange carpet cleaning system, trust in the service provided by Denver Cleanpro to bring your carpet back to life while allowing you to walk on it hours after, not days!

A Quiet House

When you get home from work and just want to relax watching TV or reading a book, the last thing that you want to hear is footsteps or furniture moving in the rooms above. With this in mind, if you live in a multi-story home or there are noise regulations in your building relating to neighbors on lower levels, choosing an underlay which can provide a solid level of noise protection is well worth your thought. If this is important to you, you will likely find that the underlay options will be thicker than others, which can often work as a great compliment for a thin carpet choice.


It’s important for homeowners that they are able to easily move their furniture items each time they want to introduce a fresh look or a new type of function. However, this level of design flexibility can often be limited by the indents your furniture has already left in your carpet and underlay. If you enjoy changing the style of your living space often, then look for an underlay which is built for the task. That is to say, one which is designed to return to its previous state, and push your carpet up with it. Similar to the tip about quiet underlay, it’s likely that this type of underlay will be thicker than most which can be used to offset a thin carpet choice.

Walking on Clouds

If you are looking for the feeling of walking on clouds but you aren’t able to afford the types of carpets which provide this feeling, then your underlay can offer a great alternative. Of course, this isn’t to say that soft and cloud-like comfort is the only option underlay can provide. If you are also looking for a firm feeling when you walk around your home, or you have chosen a thick and fluffy carpet which you would like to offset, then a thicker underlay is a great choice.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Denver, CO

It’s important for your carpet to receive regular professional carpet cleaning to both keep it looking its best and clean from a range of pollutants and nasties which you can’t see. If you can’t remember the last time that your carpets are professionally cleaned or you are tired of looking at a stain which you just can’t remove, Denver Cleanpro can help. To find out more, book your appointment today by calling 303-903-1261.

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