After being stepped on and inadvertently pulled on a regular basis for an extended period of time, it may happen that your carpeting loosens up. The result of this is unsightly and dangerous, as it can facilitate the occurrence of falls and accidents. That's why, if you have a loose carpet at home, you should read the post below so you can fix it.

How to Fix a Loose Carpet with Help of the Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Denver

Gather the Necessary Supplies

While this can be a fairly easy maintenance project to get through (as long as you follow the instructions accordingly), it will be impossible to do if you don't have the right tools for it. Keep in mind that these tools are very specific, and you should have them handy if you want to restore your carpeted floors successfully. You'll need a knee kicker, a hammer, a chisel, a pneumatic stapler, and a carpet cutter. It may also be a good idea to get some work gloves to wear while you handle the situation, so you can protect your hands and do your job safely.

Uncover the Tackless Underneath the Carpet

Once you have everything you need, continue by exposing the tackless that's underneath the carpet. The tackless is what attaches the fabric to the floor, and more often than not, if there's a loose carpet, is because the tackless isn't doing its job correctly. To uncover it, pull back the loose end of the carpet. You will be able to recognize the tackless as a piece of wood that has a row of nails sticking out on one side, and a bunch of tacks sticking out of the other (ironically enough). Needless to say, be very careful when you handle it to avoid injuries.

Move the Tackless and Secure It

For this next step, you will have to (again, very carefully) take the tackless and move it a little bit to the side from its original position (maybe half an inch). This is because you want to create new holes on the floor that will be able to hold the tackless tightly in place. Making sure that the nails are facing down, proceed to hammer the tackless into its new position. Hammer it all the way down ensuring that it has a nice and secure grip on the floor so that your carpeting won't go anywhere once you're done with this small restoration project.

Use the Knee Kicker to Extend the Carpet

Of course, you surely want a firm, tight, and even floor. To achieve just that, you will need to use a knee kicker, which is a tool that you push around with your knee that will help you extend the carpet as much as possible. To use it correctly, you will have to work your way from one end of the carpet, towards the end that had become loose. Ensure that the carpet is as tight as possible, without damaging or pulling too hard on the other tackless. If what your carpet needs is a good, professional, natural carpet cleaning in Denver, don't hesitate to call Denver Cleanpro at 303.903.1261. They are an experienced and reliable team that can make your carpeting good as new with their green, safe, and revolutionary ion exchange cleaning method. Call for more information on their system, or to set an appointment with the best team in town!

Cover the Tackless and Staple the Carpet

You probably don't want the tackless to be out in the open for everyone to see, right? If that's the case, then once you've extended the carpet and it's nice and tight, you will have to cover the tackless with the fabric. After you do that, take the chisel and hammer, and use them to ensure that the tacks are firmly holding on to the carpet. If you want to make extra sure that your carpet will stay in place and won't become loose again, use the pneumatic stapler to staple it to the ground.

Cut the Excess Carpet Off

After you have secured your carpet, it's likely that you'll see that there's some excess fabric left on the edge. This is probably because your carpet has become a bit "baggy" after some time and use. So, unless you want to have that excess carpet lying around (which can be a trip hazard), you will need to cut it off. To do that, just take your carpet cutter and get rid of the carpet that's on the edge. You'll want to cut as close to the floor as possible, but don't go overboard because your floors will be left with a bald spot.

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