The new year gives you the chance to correct mistakes and the courage to do your best in all areas of your life. New year’s resolutions help you to set goals that you can work towards to reach where you want to be. An area of your life which you shouldn’t neglect is your carpet’s care. If you want your carpet to have a good year, too, keep the following resolutions in mind. 

How to Keep a Flawless Carpet During the New Year 

Work on Your Carpeting Every Week 

Having carpeted floors requires a big commitment on your end. For instance, you should be vacuuming your floors around 2 or 3 times a week (no more, since overdoing it can be harmful to the fibers). Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis will help prevent dust buildup and the growth of certain disgusting microorganisms (such as ticks and dust mites), both of which can lead to health problems. If you want none of that, vacuum your carpets weekly this new year. 

Be Thorough and Gentle as You Vacuum 

As mentioned above, it’s important that you vacuum your floors regularly. When you do so, do your best to be thorough and gentle, so you can clean your floors properly without them getting damaged. A technique that can help you in this respect is to slowly vacuum each spot in different directions so that you can lift off any dirt that may be trapped in your carpet. Remember to vacuum under furniture as well, so those areas can be clean too. 

Set Rules in Your Household 

Having certain rules in your household regarding your carpeting can help ensure that they won’t get damaged or stained and that they will remain in great shape for longer. For instance, you can set a “no shoes” rule, or a “no food in the bed/living room” rule to help prevent disasters that could take a toll on your floors. This will make it much easier for you to keep a clean carpet and house. 

React Fast and Appropriately to Spills 

It’s highly likely that, despite your best efforts and rules, your carpeting will get stained at some point. Accidents do happen, after all. However, if you want to keep those accidents from leaving a permanent mark, you need to act fast to prevent the stain from settling into your flooring. Your best bet is to try to remove as much from the spilled substance with warm water and a clean cloth, so you don’t damage your carpet’s fibers with harsh chemicals. 

Call Denver Cleanpro at Least Once a Year 

Something important that you should keep in mind is that you can only do so much with your vacuum cleaner. If you want to have a carpet in perfect shape, you will need to call a professional team, such as Denver Cleanpro, once or twice during the new year. They will do a good job at deep cleaning your floors and getting rid of stains, bad odors, and nasty organisms that could be damaging it. 

If you’re searching for a professional team, who will leave your carpet good as new with a safe system that uses little moisture and no harsh chemicals, contact Denver Cleanpro at 303 903 1261. They can deliver the best results without any of the drawbacks that may come from using steam cleaning to clean your floors. 

Do Your Best to Protect Your Carpet 

Another resolution you can make if you want spotless carpets for this new year, is to protect them to the best of your abilities. This includes using a carpet protector to keep any spilled substances or dirt from settling into your floors. Another strategy you can use to protect your carpets is to place rugs or mats over high-traffic areas in your home, such as the entryway or hallway. 

Take Advantage of Your Carpeted Floors 

Finally, you should focus on taking advantage of having carpeted floors. You can enjoy their softness, their warmth, the look and feel they give to your home, and more. Having the ability to delight in them will help you appreciate them more, which will also encourage you to take better care of them. If you do, you’ll see your carpets will remain in great shape for longer. 

Do You Require a Safe, Green and Professional Carpet Cleaning Service? 

Rest assured that Denver Cleanpro and their ion exchange carpet cleaning method are just what your carpet needs to look good as new once more this new year. Contact them at 303 903 1261 to learn more about their system, or to schedule an appointment for a professional and reliable carpet cleaning service.

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