There will come a time in which your home will require a renovation, and you will have to remove a carpet (be it because it's old, it's nasty, it doesn't go with your style, you want other floors, or because you'd like a new carpet). If that time is already here for you and you want to learn how to remove old carpeting on your own, below you'll find a general guide on how to do it.

How to Remove Old Carpeting

Decide If It's Time

First and foremost, you need to be absolutely certain that this is the next step you want to take with your flooring. If you're absolutely sure you can no longer salvage (or you don't want to do it) your carpeting, carry on with this home maintenance project.

Find Out Where You'll Dispose of It

If you'll be throwing out large chunks of carpet, you may want to research if you're doing it correctly. In some cases, the company who installed your carpeting can take care of that for you. Still, your bet best is to look this up before starting.

Acquire the Necessary Tools

As you can imagine, you will need certain tools to see this project through. To that end, it's recommended that you acquire the following: a vacuum, working gloves, a mask for nose and mouth, protective eyewear, pliers, a utility knife, a broom, a dust pan, a mop, trash bags, and a hammer.

Clear the Room

Needless to say, if you have furniture on top of the carpeting you want to remove, it will be very hard to get the job done. For that reason, before you begin, find a new spot for all of the items in the room you'll be working on. This way, you can work without as much hassle.

Clean the Old Carpet Thoroughly

You will be rolling around on, grabbing onto, and breathing the old carpeting when you're working on it, which is why it's a good idea to give it a thorough clean first. To that end, grab your vacuum, and after reading the post on the matter, clean it effectively.

Divide and Conquer

Now, it's time to start prepping the carpeting for the removal process. After you've put your safety gear on, grab the utility knife and start cutting the carpet into smaller sections. This will make it far easier for you to lift the old carpeting, since it won't be as heavy or awkward to move.

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Begin Pulling It Off

Let's get on with the fun part. Grab the edge of the carpet (you should begin with a section near a wall) and start pulling it back with some force. To make this step easier, use the pliers to help you free the carpeting of tacks that are attaching it to the floor.

Roll the Old Carpeting

If you want to make the disposal part of this process simpler, roll the sections of the old carpeting as you're done taking them off the ground. Place the rolls near the door or in your car so you can transport them easily to their final destination.

Take Care of the Padding

Once you have removed the superficial layer of the carpet, you will be left with the padding that was underneath it. If you want to replace it as well, go through the last 3 steps in this tutorial (cut, pull, and roll) so you can take care of it too.

Remove the Tackless, Nails, and Staples

Once all of the carpet and padding have been removed, you will need to pull out the tackless, the nails, and staples left behind. Grab a hammer, your gloves, and goggles to do this. Then, begin removing each one of these very carefully.

Clean the Floors

After you've taken care of the sharp objects, clean the floors efficiently. Use a broom, a mop, a dustpan, and garbage bags to get rid of all the dirt, residue, tacks, etc. that were left behind.

Dispose of the Old Carpeting

Finally, you just need to throw away the old carpeting and you're done! As mentioned above, you should do some research on the matter, because it may be that you need to take it to a special place where they can dispose of it correctly.

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