Minimalism is an aesthetic that dictates that 'less is more.' To learn how to put it to good use in your home and decorate with that philosophy, read this post by Denver Cleanpro in Aurora, CO.

How to Decorate Minimally

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Avoid Clutter

The key in minimalist design is to keep things as simple as you can. For that reason, it is important that you start by avoiding clutter. This means that most of your belongings should be kept out of sight. If possible, you should even go through a very thorough decluttering session where you give away, sell, or throw out the things that you don't want or need. This way, you can guarantee that everything you have in your home has a purpose. This can also help you feel more comfortable in your place.

Opt for Functionality

Since you're venturing into a minimalist aesthetic for your home, you should opt for functionality above all else. This is because you should strive to have a limited amount of stuff on display. This means that everything at home should have a purpose. For example, you will need storage, light, seats, and some plants to complete everything you may need in a living room. Giving all in the room a dual function will help you have a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and uncluttered life.

Choose Neutral Colors

Another important feature that you need to be minimal with is the colors you choose for your decor. This is because, going for bright colorful items, may strip the minimalist aspect away from your home. To keep the decor in your home as minimal and peaceful as possible, choose neutral colors, such as blacks, grays, whites, browns, and other neutral shades. Likewise, try to opt for decor that doesn't have a busy design or pattern, as it can stress out the space.

Keep It Clean

As you know, you should always try to keep your place tidy and neat. However, specks of dust, dirt, gunk, filth, among other nastiness, won't only make your whole place look disheveled, but they will actually ruin your minimalist vibe as well. That's why, you should do even more of an effort to keep your place as clean as you can. Moreover, if you'll be decorating with neutral colors that have a solid pattern, it is crucial that you keep them spotless, as any stain or spot will be even more noticeable than normal.

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Go for Quality

As mentioned a few times over, minimalism is all about keeping it simple, reducing the amount of clutter you have, and making sure that everything you display has a purpose. And, since the amount of stuff you'll have in your home will be limited, it becomes essential that the things you do have are of high quality. This is because if your carpet is falling apart, if your lamp is broken, or if the sofa you have looks cheap, it will make your place less functional and clean.

Employ Texture

This post already went over a key element in minimalist decor: employing neutral colors. However, if you don't want your place to look boring because of the monochrome palette, you can employ texture to give it that extra interesting look. For example, adding a shaggy rug over the carpeting, a sequined pillow on the chair, or a fluffy throw blanket on the couch, will make the place seem more put together, even if it's all in the same color.

Less is More

Last but not least, if there's one piece of advice you should walk away with from this post to make give your home a minimalist edge, is that less is more. Keep in mind, that even though you're going for minimalism, this doesn't mean you can't have any paintings, figurines, and other decoration piece in your home. It just means that the things you do choose to display should be clean and not busy, so you can give your place a zen vibe and a very functional look.

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