October is the month of Halloween, a night of spooks, costumes, and lots of candy. However, with your children on a sugar high running around your house, one of those treats may make its way to your carpeted floors. If that's the case, don't scream at the sight of them just yet. This post has a few tricks and treats so you can clean them without much hassle.

How to Get Horrifying Halloween Candy Stains Off Your Carpeted Floors

To make this job much easier, we'll break down the Halloween candy into three categories: chocolate, hard candy, and gum. While all of these can be delicious and a very nice treat on the scariest of nights, they don't have the same consistency and staining power, which means they require different methods to be lifted from your precious floors. To learn more about what you should do for each one, continue reading!

How to Eliminate Chocolate Stains from the Floor

Aaah, chocolate. Is there anything more delicious? It's easily one of the most preferred sweet treats around and it's a staple during Halloween. Its rich color and it's ability to melt, however, may make finding it on your carpeting anything but sweet! To remove it:First of all, get rid of any excess. Use a spoon to pick up the excess chocolate from the floor, but be very careful not to rub it, as it could create a bigger stain.If there are bits still attached to your carpeting, use an ice cube to harden the chocolate and to make picking the substance up that much easier.Next up, get some warm water, and apply the mixture to the affected area. Employ a sponge to dab on it repeatedly to eliminate the stain.Once you're done, don't forget to use a towel to absorb the moisture and dry your carpeted floors.If no matter how hard you try, the ghost of the Halloween candy is still haunting your carpets, trust that Denver Cleanpro in Aurora can eliminate it completely. Their unique ion exchange cleaning method works miracles on any type of stain, ensuring your floors will be good as new after their visit. Contact them at 303.903.1261 if you're in need of a reliable company who can provide a professional carpet cleaning service in Aurora.How to Remove 

Hard Candy from Your Carpet

Children love hard candy, and with good reason: it's colorful, sugary, and delicious. The thing is that it can be very sticky; it can get all over your children's hands, faces, clothing, and even on your furniture, carpet, and other areas, leaving traces of itself behind. If you find evidence that this has happened in your home, do the following.To begin cleaning this mess, you first need to remove the hard candy from your floors. Its stickiness may damage your carpet's fibers, so be careful when picking it up.If there are still chunks of it left behind, use a bit of warm water to soften them and make their removal easier.After you've gotten rid of any pieces of it, you'll likely see a stain on your floor. To clean it up, use warm water and a cloth to remove the stain.  

How to Clean Gum from Your Carpeting

Gum is a fun candy to get! You can chew on it, make bubbles with it, enjoy its sweet taste, and even play with it (imagine you're a child and enjoy doing that). However, as you may be aware, it's incredibly sticky, which can make dropping it on the carpet a big problem.Luckily, cleaning it off can be a fairly simple job to do. You just need to get to follow the right steps to remove it effectively. If you need help in this department, refer to the post on how to clean gum off your carpet. There, you'll find the detailed instructions to get rid of it for good!

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Finding Halloween candy on your flooring doesn't have to be scary! Just know that if that situation presents itself, you can count on Denver Cleanpro in Aurora to make your flooring spotless once more. Contact them at 303.903.1261 to learn more about their unique and revolutionary cleaning method, or to book an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning service in Aurora.

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