Having flawless carpets can be hard if you have a pet at home. To learn how you can keep both of them clean, read this post by Denver Cleanpro in Denver, CO for tips on the matter.

How to Keep Your Carpeted Floors Clean with a Pet at Home

Having a pet can make your home a lot brighter and more cheerful. However, it can also make your home a lot dirtier and unsanitary, especially if you have carpeted floors. That's why, if you have a pet indoors, you should follow the tips below to keep them and your carpets clean.

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House Train Your Pet

First things first: if you've decided to keep your furry friend indoors, make sure that you teach them how to live inside your home. For instance, make sure to house train your dog, so they know they should go outside to relieve themselves. If you have a cat, have cat litter in a designated spot, so they can use it when needed. You may also want to keep your pet from jumping onto your upholstery or from stepping into rooms with light-colored carpeted floors.

Keep Your Pets Brushed and Clean

It's likely that your pets will leave their fur all over your house, and that they will get your whole place dirty. A way to minimize this dire scenario, is to keep them clean and well-brushed. To that end, remember to wash them every so often, to brush their fur every couple of days, and to clean their paws after they've been outside. This way, you can keep your home from becoming a completely unlivable and unsanitary mess.

Vacuum Regularly and Thoroughly

Even if you don't have a pet in your home, you should vacuum your carpeted floors at least once a week. If you do have a pet, however, this becomes an even more crucial task, as dirt, dust, fur, and other damaging agents the pet drags in can begin to accumulate and ruin your carpeting. While you vacuum your floors, be sure to go through them in a thorough and effective manner, so you can lift as much nasty elements from your precious flooring as you can.

Give Your Floors a Professional Deep Clean

After some time, you will notice that some pet-related issues won't leave your carpeting that easily (it may be that a few stains and disgusting scents are seemingly there to stay). In those cases, you should give your floors a professional deep clean from the experts at Denver Cleanpro. Their cleaning method will make your floors flawless and sanitary once again.

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Brush and Lint Roll Your Floors

Sometimes, it will seem that nothing will get your carpets fur-free ever again. For those less-than-ideal situations, you should take out a special carpet brush and a lint roller, and go through your carpeting with them. This will guarantee that you'll get most of your pet's hair out of your floors. Do it once every two weeks (depending on how much your pet sheds), so your floors can remain clean.

Deodorize Your Carpeted Floors

You may love your pets, but they can be pretty stinky, which means your carpeting can get pretty stinky as well. If you want to remove those bad odors from your floors, you should deodorize them with baking soda. Sprinkle a generous amount on them, and after letting it soak in the nasty scents for a few hours, vacuum it away. This should take care of your problem.

Apply a Carpet Protector

You can probably expect a dirty carpet if you have pets in your home. Using a carpet protector, however, can actually help you diminish the lasting effects that a pet will have on your carpet, as it will repel any stains they can cause. This will keep your carpet clean and in mint condition for longer.

Tend to Accidents Immediately and Appropriately

Last but not least, if your pet has an accident indoors (whether they pee, poo, or vomit on your carpeted floors), your best bet is to tend to those incidents immediately and appropriately to keep them from settling it. Use cloth to pick up or absorb some of the excess substance. Then, use warm water to blot the stain off. Use baking soda to absorb the moisture and the bad smell.

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