Having a warm, cozy home is a must during the cold winter days. To keep your home toasty, follow the tips in this post by Denver Cleanpro in Denver, CO.

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How to Keep Your Home Warm

Seal Windows, Doors, and Cracks Completely

One of the biggest losses of energy your home will experience is through the windows, doors, and cracks in it. The warmth can sneak its way out through them and the cold can sneak its way in. To make sure this doesn't happen in your home, you need to verify that any cracks on the walls, ceilings, and floors, any door gaps, or any holes in the window frames are properly repaired and sealed.

Hang Thick Curtains Over the Windows

During the winter months, the windows can be your worst enemies. This is because, even when they're completely shut, you can still feel the frigidly cold air filtering into your warm home through the glass. To ensure they won't betray you and lower your property's temperature significantly, you need to turn to a trusty ally: thick curtains. Hanging them over your windows will trap the cold before it makes its way in and ruins your perfectly cozy winter afternoon.

Allow Sunshine Inside

The winter days are short, dark, and cold. Still, from time to time, the sun will peek its head through the gloom and let its bright rays be seen. And when that situation takes place, you need to open up the drapes to let sunshine into your home. Yes, this step contradicts the previous one. However, the sun is a great cheap, green, and effective source for warmth, so allow it to step into your home and alleviate some of its freezing temperature.

Keep Your Carpeting in Top Shape

If you have carpeting in your home, you probably love it during this time of year, as it makes your place seem cozier and much warmer. As you know the carpet can absorb some of the cold air around you. Still, for your carpeting to retain those wonderful qualities (the warmth, the softness, the coziness, etc.), you need to make sure that it is properly maintained. Keeping up with its care and helping extend its lifespan can be financially smart, as the carpeted floors will help you save money on your electric bill when the winter months come along.

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Consider Double Glazing the Windows

Some people are too sensitive to the colder weather. If you're one of them, consider double glazing the windows. It basically consists of adding an extra window pane to the windows in your home (or more than one, depending on your needs). Be aware that double glazing your windows doesn't come cheap. Still, the benefits that you can get from doing it are plenty, such as lower electricity bills, noise reduction, and a more secure household.

Line Your Attic

Another investment that you can make to insulate your place properly and shield your home from the inclement weather, is to line your attic. To that end, you will have to get enough fiberglass wool installed on the ceiling. Once again, this will cost you a pretty penny (or more than one), but you will be able to preserve your home's temperature in a more effective manner.

Let the Hot Air Circulate

If you have a chimney or a radiator, placing a couch in front of them and snuggling on them during an especially cold winter night can seem very tempting. Still, if you do this, you're only obstructing the hot air's pass through your home. Move furniture and big objects away from vents and chimneys, so you allow the hot air to move through your home and warm it up.

Open and Close Doors Strategically

As a last tip, you need to think about which rooms you leave open and which you close during the chilly days of winter. Yes, as mentioned above, you want the hot air from your heating systems to reach different rooms in your home. However, if there is a room in which nobody will benefit from the warmth, you can close it off. If you leave it open, you would only be wasting precious hot air.

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