Carpet mold can take a toll on your belongings and your health. For a few tips on how you can identify it in your home, you can read through the post Denver Cleanpro prepared for you.

How to Identify Carpet Mold

Carpet mold can do much more than ruin your belongings and make your home look and smell bad; it can actually put your and your family's safety at risk. As Mold Blogger states, having black, toxic mold at home can interfere with your breathing, your immune system, your skin, and more. That's why it is important that you learn to identify if you have carpet mold in your house. For a few tips on the matter, continue reading.

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Look for Signs of Mold

First of all, you will have to use your eyes to identify mold in the carpeted areas of your home. If upon inspecting them,  you notice any water rings, discoloration, or black/green stains, or if upon lifting them up, you see that the tacks have rusted a bit, you may have carpet mold in your home.

Smell the Air Around It

Your vision isn't the only sense you can use to detect carpet mold. On the contrary, you can use your sense of smell as well to find it, since mold has a very distinct odor. Smell around and if you get a hint of unfresh, rotten egg stink in the air, it may be because of the carpet mold.

Feel the Damp Floor

So far we've used our eyes and our noses to find that unwelcomed guest known as "mold". Now, it's time to make use of our hands. As you're aware, mold requires a humid environment in order to thrive. That's why, you should feel your floors. If you notice that they are damp or even wet, mold may be lurking close by.

Consider High Humidity Areas

It's no secret that there are areas in your home that are more prone to high humidity levels than others (for example, your bathroom, the attic, and the basement). Unfortunately, if you've installed a carpet in these moist places, you can almost bet you will have a mold problem. Inspect these areas in your home carefully to notice its presence.

Think About Household Issues

Has a pipe burst in your home? Has roof crack let rain water into it? If you've had these or similar issues in your home recently, and you didn't tend to them properly, there is the possibility that your carpet has developed mold because of them. Think back to any household issues you've had, as mold can just be a symptom of them.

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Examine Your Home's Moisture Levels

As said once and again throughout this post, mold absolutely loves moisture and needs it to survive. This means that if you have high moisture levels in your home, you'll probably have mold growth in it, too. Examining and keeping your home's moisture levels in check are two surefire ways to ensure mold will stay at bay.

Notice Allergies and Respiratory Problems

A ruined carpet isn't the only thing you have to worry about with carpet mold. As mentioned above, your and your family's health could be at risk if you're exposed to great deals of mold for too long. That's why you should notice if your family is having more allergies or respiratory illnesses than usual, as this could be a sign of mold.

Inspect for Mold Under the Carpet

Want to be completely sure if you have mold growth in your carpeted floors? Simply check under it! You can use a screwdriver to release the tacks that hold the carpet down to the floor. After that, pull the carpet back to uncover the padding underneath the superficial layer. If it's filled with moldy spots, then you definitely have a carpet mold problem.

Test for Carpet Mold

Finally, another method that can tell you with more certainty if you have a mold problem is a mold test kit. You can search for one online or at the supermarket. Once you get it, read its instructions to employ it properly. Needless to say, if after going through the test, you find that you have mold at home, then you have mold at home, and you will need to take steps to remedy that fact.

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