Every carpeted floor will need to be replaced at some point. If you want to learn the telling signs that it's time to invest in new carpeting, read this post by Denver Cleanpro in Denver, CO. 

Signs That Indicate Your Carpet Needs to Be Replaced

Nothing is forever, including your carpeted floors. There will come a time when you will have to replace them entirely. If you'd like to know if your own carpeting is seeing the end of its days, here's a list of signs you should look out for.

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It Smells

Carpets can get stinky from time to time, especially when you haven't been diligent with their cleaning schedule, or when you haven't been taking proper care of them in general. Most of the time you can probably remove those nasty odors with a good deep clean. However, if you notice they won't go away despite all of your cleaning efforts, it may be time to say goodbye to your carpeted floors. Excess moisture, mold, and other dangerous elements can be the ones to blame in those cases, which is why it's better to get the carpeting replaced than cleaned.

It's Noticeably Old

It should come as no surprise to you that after some time and use, your carpeted floors will start showing signs of wear and tear. This is a normal part of their lifespan. However, if it's gotten to a point where every inch of your carpeted floors has an issue (crushed fibers, loose ends, dents, dullness, balding, among others), it may be time to invest in a new one. As you know, a professional carpet cleaning company can help with a few of these problems, but eventually, you will have to let your carpeting go and invest in a brand new one.

It Has Relentless Stains

Just as it is normal that there will be signs of wear and tear on your carpeting, it is normal that it will develop stains after a while (accidents do happen, after all). Most of the time, if you react fast and appropriately, you can probably remove those stains and continue having a flawless carpet for some time. If you can't make them disappear on your own, you can try calling a professional carpet cleaning company. However, if the stains are still noticeable after their visit, then you should take this as a sign that you need a new carpet for your floors.

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Carpet Padding Issues

As the saying goes, "it is the inside that counts." This is true for the padding, a.k.a. the bottom layer of your carpeting. It is a part that you normally can't see, but that should be very important to you. This is because the padding is the one who gives your carpeting its cushiness, its insulating properties, and its noise reducing characteristics. It should go without saying that without its padding, your carpet wouldn't be what it is. That's why, if you start noticing that the padding is presenting problems (for example, dents and unevenness), you may be obligated to change the whole carpet.

Allergy Issues

As you know, if you or one of your family members has any respiratory problems or suffers from allergies, you need to take proper care of your carpeted floors to prevent dust buildup that could lead to adverse reactions. If you see a rise in the allergic reactions in your household, you should call a carpet cleaning company to get your floors thoroughly cleaned. If this still doesn't do the trick, you should consider removing the carpeted floors and investing in new ones that are made from special material. This so you and your family can lead a more comfortable, allergy-free life.

It's Time

Every carpet has a lifespan. If you do a good job at keeping it in proper shape, it is likely you can get more or less 10 years out of yours. Still, this means that after those 10 years, you will have to replace it, no matter how much you care for it. This is unless you don't mind having a worn down, faded, wrinkled, stained, and drab-looking flooring. At the end of the day, when it's time, it's time, so don't try to avoid it.

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