Sharing your home with your pet may not seem like a bad thing, but it can cause some issues for your carpets. To keep your carpets looking great even when sharing your home with pets, use these tips.

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean in a Pet-Friendly Home

You may love having your pet live in your home with you, but you may be less than excited about what this can mean for your home's overall cleanliness. If you find that your carpet suffers some serious consequences as a result of your pets living indoors, there are plenty of things you can do to keep this under control. To keep your carpet clean in a pet-friendly home, use these tips.

Stop Your Pet

If your pet loves to head outdoors only to run back in unexpectedly and snuggle up on your couch or carpet, you're not alone. While this may seem like no big deal, this can be one of the many ways in which your pet is contributing to your carpet's deterioration. They may not notice it, but your pet can drag in tons of dirt, moisture, and debris on their coat and on their paws. Luckily, you can help reduce the amount of debris they leave on your carpet and upholstery but cleaning them off on their way in.

Stock Your Entryway

To get your pet clean on their way back inside your home, have your entryway ready for the job. If you stop your pet at the door but don't have the tools to get them clean within arm's reach, they may just make a run for it. Keep clean washcloths, a brush, and some water handy so that you can get them clean before they get impatient and wiggle away. It also helps to place a doormat inside your home where they can stand as you clean them off, especially on rainy days when their coat and paws may be extra wet.

Regular Visits to the Groomers

Taking your pet to the groomers is great because the cleaner they are, the better it is for your carpet. Make an appointment that includes a bath, a trim, and nail trimming. This will ensure your pet isn't losing hair all over your home, making your carpet look untidy. A bath will help prevent your pet from developing an unpleasant smell which can be absorbed by your carpet fibers. Finally, getting their nails trimmed means you won't have to worry about their long nails snagging or tearing your carpet. If your carpet looks like it could some sprucing up, schedule your next carpet cleaning wit the best around. The carpet cleaning pros at Denver Cleanpro can leave your carpet looking its best. To learn more about their services, give them a call at 303-903-1261.

Take Care of Cleaning Duties

If you're worried about keeping your carpet clean, it's likely that you already have some sort of cleaning schedule in place. However, when you get a pet, you'll have to vacuum more often than normal to keep your carpet looking tidy. Vacuum at least a couple times a week in order to remove the layer of hair, dirt, and dander that may be on the surface of your carpet. By vacuuming more often, you can prevent this debris from penetrating deeper beyond the surface of your carpet and causing issues like bad odors and stains.

Clean up Accidents Quickly

It's not uncommon for pets, especially puppies, to have accidents all over the place. If you plan to have your pet live inside, they definitely need to be potty trained if you want to keep your home and carpet tidy and clean. If your pet is still being potty trained, limit the spaces in which they're allowed to roam. This can prevent accidents from ruining your nicest of carpets. It's also best to keep them off the furniture for now. Since accidents can lead to hard-to-remove odors and stains, you'll have to clean these up as soon as they occur. Have some washcloths handy so that you can soak up as much of their accident as possible right away. This can help prevent the stain from penetrating too deep into your carpet.

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