Having a warm, comfy, and inviting home can be easy to achieve if you know how to do it. Follow the tips in this post by Denver Cleanpro to make your place cozier.

How to Make Your Home Cozier

People spend tons of time, money, and effort thinking, planning, and trying to create their perfect home. But, the "perfect" home is different for everybody. If your perfect place is cozy, warm, and inviting, here are some guidelines you can follow and adapt to make that happen!

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Choose Comfort

If you want a cozy home, you need comfortable furniture. While an architectural piece here and there can be a nice addition, you should still make comfort a priority. A nice, soft, and easy couch is just what you need after a long day in the office, not a hard, metal chair. It's even suggested that you go for darker colors in your upholstery, so guests can put their feet up if they so please.

Use Pillows and Blankets

Few things are as inviting as pillows and blankets. You can use them on chairs and/or couches, and stack a few extras of them tidly in a corner. This way, they can provide comfort for those who need them (e.g. a blanket can be perfect for chillier days). Plus, they can add so much to your home's aesthetic: funky accent colors, or cool designs can make the statement you want, while keeping your space cozy and warm.

Employ Colors Wisely

How is color used is instrumental in determining the look and feel of a room. That's why, you should plan a color scheme to a T if you want to have a cozy room. Normally, it is recommended that you use neutral tones on the walls to make the room seem more relaxed. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean the place has to be boring: use accent colors in accessories to make it more exciting.

Mix Textures and Materials

If you play it too safe, your home's aesthetic may end up being one-note. To mix it up a bit and make your place seem more interesting, add different types of textures and materials. For example, you can have a carpet with short fibers, and place a shaggy rug on top to give that little extra something to your home. Just make sure that these materials are still soft, to continue with the "cozy" theme.

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Have Books, Pictures, and Art

Giving personality to your space can make it feel intimate and, as a result, cozy. To that end, search for books and art (paintings, sculptures, or other) that represent you, and place them neatly around the house. If you want to make your house seem even more familiar, include pictures of friends, relatives, and even your dog. Filling up your space with things/people you love will make it even more special and warm.

Light Your Place Thoughtfully

It's also essential to consider lighting to create a cozy home. Warm lights can keep your place from seeming cold and distant, so employ them throughout to have cohesive illumination (whether it's with overhead lighting or lamps). If you have access to natural light, try to bring it into your home as much as possible: use lighter drapes and put mirrors on the wall to take advantage of it.

Keep Plants in Your House

Plants bring life into any room, quite literally, which is why you should have a few of them around your place to make it seem more homey. If you aren't the best at keeping them alive, however, Embracing Simple recommends picking up a flower bouquet every once in awhile to add color, light, freshness, and energy to your place. Display them in colorful or interesting vases as accent pieces.

Maintain Your Floors and Upholstery

Finally, a dusty and unkempt place won't send the right message. That's why you should do a good job at keeping your floors and upholstery in mint condition. After all, a fluffy, clean carpet seems much more appealing and inviting than one that's stiff and has dust bunnies all around. Same goes for your upholstery! Don't let your guests sit in a disgusting couch; keep yours clean.

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