Best Vacuums of 2015

This month is dedicated to finding the top vacuum cleaner models of the year for whatever purpose you have. Here are a few more you will want to check out.

iRobot Roomba 880

The Roomba is a well-rounded capable bot and comes with our favorite feature- a remote control. Instead of bristle brushes, it comes with rubbery AeroForce "extractors" that remove debris much better and require less maintenance. At nearly $700, it is rather expensive for what it is. Robot vacuum technology is not to the point where it can replace floor cleaning. But if you like cool gadgets and do not want to use it to pick up pet hair, the Roomba is the toy for you.

Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean

If you are looking for durability, the Electrolux is the vacuum for you. The brushroll can push jammed items into the bin with just the pull of a lever, a particularly admirable feature. The Electrolux combines high-end features and intelligent design with sturdiness for a well-rounded and nicely priced ($150-350)  vacuum that outperforms more expensive models. The one drawback with the machine is that it is not very easy to maneuver. Still, it comes with a suction-controlled wand that has a remarkably long hose, a crevice tool for corners and stairs, and a dusting brush. At the price, it is as close to perfection as you can find.

Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

David Oreck started selling his vacuums in Louisiana way back in 1963, and seemingly refused to upgrade the design for many years. Although it looked dated, the Oreck XL was still the best-performing cleaner on the market. Now the company has gone with an all modern design, without losing the high quality you have come to expect from the Oreck brand. At $400, it is not the cheapest vacuum you can buy, but it is of very high quality, dependability, and utility. It is easy to use (just one button for power, conveniently located next to your finger on the handle) and very maneuverable. The wand is shorter than ideal, and the lever to release it from fully erect position should be sturdier, but these are minor quibbles for an overall great vacuum.

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