Replacing your wall to wall carpet can be expensive, but there's going to be a time when you need to part ways with your once beautiful, bright, cushy, warm carpet. The crew here at CleanPro in Denver, Colorado would like to share a list of signs indicating when you should rip that carpet out and get a new one.

Worn and Beat

The sun’s rays beaming in through windows. Heavy traffic areas and furniture imprints are things that result in discolored, damaged and uneven carpet. If the padding is no longer cushiony, if the color has lost its shine, or if the uneven surface trips you up in the middle of the night, it's time to replace your carpet.

Frayed and Torn

Dragging furniture across your carpet, the dog has a digging frenzy, or edges are starting to pop up in corners and along doorways causing your carpet to end up torn, ripped and frayed. You can try to salvage it depending on the damage done. However, if the tearing is too noticeable and the padding is peeking through, you’ll have to replace your carpet.

Rotting and Stinky

This goes without saying, but if your carpet’s mold problem gets out of hand, then you should toss it out immediately. Moisture in your carpet can be a nightmare that leads to mold and bacteria growth. Not only does mold smell bad, but it can cause health problems.

Reappearing Stains

Despite your best carpet cleaning efforts, some stains just won't stay gone. Unless you have a multi-colored carpet that disguises stains, you will have to patch it or take the whole thing out. Still, you should consult a professional carpet cleaning team to be sure.

Getting Ancient

No matter how well you have cared for your carpet over the years, you need to let go of it at some point. An old carpet (15+ years) has a huge amount of dirt, bacteria and filth hiding under its surface, which may affect your health.

Carpet Cleaning in Denver

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