If you’ve got great carpet, but just a few patches that are looking a bit rough, perhaps with a stain or tear that you just can’t seem to take care of, you may think it’s time to replace your beloved carpet. However, there is another way. Before updating your carpet, consider simply replacing a part of your carpet by patching the troubled area. Cleanpro in Denver would like to guide you today in how you can go about doing just that, and avoiding the replacement of your entire carpet for just an area or two that need to be fixed. 

Your first step is going to be to locate a new piece of carpet. Now, ideally, if you’ve got extra carpet from the installation, you’ll use that. However, if there is no extra, you can try removing a piece of carpet from an area that is not visible. Perhaps from behind a large piece of furniture you never move, or even better, a closet. 

Once you’ve located a piece of carpet to patch the troubled area, mark the direction of the carpet fibers so that you’ll replace the carpet in the same direction. Do the same around the area you’re removing. 

Next, you’ll need to cut out a piece of fabric about an inch wider on each side, than the hole you’ve now got in your carpet. Using fabric glue, glue the fabric to the underside of the carpet, creating a great place for your new carpet to lay. 

With the same fabric glue, attach the new piece of carpet to the fabric. Once you’ve done this, take your fingers and ruffle the edges of the carpet, blending the fibers from the pieces together. 

Lastly, after waiting over night for the fabric glue to sufficiently dry, vacuum the carpet to even further blend the pieces. 

Once you’ve finished your easy patching job, you may discover that the patched area is a slightly different color than the surrounding carpet. This could be due to the different level of dirty the carpet has been exposed to. It may then, be time for a professional clean. If that’s the case, remember that Cleanpro is here to help you. For carpet cleaning in Denver, contact us at (303) 903-1261.

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