In addition to properly caring for your area rugs, Denver Cleanpro will provide some ideas on how you can prevent dust build up and help keep the carpet and air in your home clean and free of bacteria and air pollutants.

Throw rugs

Throw Rugs are a great way to catch dust and dirt as family and visitors enter your home. If you are interested in reducing dirt and dust entering your home, make a trip to your local rug store - you may be surprised at the stylish options available to match your home and decor. When choosing a throw rug, be careful to choose one that is appropriate to your home and climate. 

Replace your air filter

Air filters are a great way to help maintain clean air flow in your home, however it is all too easy to set and forget. If you find that your house and carpet are accumulating dust faster than regular, look at changing the filters in any air flow units you have in your home. If you find that your air flow system is not performing as it should, look at replacing it with a more efficient model. Research online which air flow systems will best suit your home and needs.

Kids toys

When cleaning and dusting your home and children’s room, it’s easy to just stick to the surfaces. Whilst surfaces do contain a lot of dust and allergens, childrens toys such as stuffed animals can attract just as much dust. The next time that you are cleaning your children’s room, check their stuffed animals and clean appropriately. Keeping your kids’ toys clean can help to reduce allergen issues.

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