All homeowners want their carpet to last as long as possible, however, apart from not walking on them what else can you do?

How to Protect Your Carpets While Cleaning

When it was time for your parents to clean their carpet more than a vacuum can, they would call a steam cleaning company. They would show up and bring around a large machine which would use more water than you thought necessary and would leave you with wet carpets for days. In their heyday, this service was sufficient.

Are You Still Steam Cleaning Your Carpet?

If you not only remember seeing your parents use a steam cleaner when you were younger and this is actually how you clean your carpet, Denver Cleanpro has a post about how this is damaging your carpet and can offer a better alternative.

What Is Steam Cleaning?

If you were to really think about your latest steam cleaning appointment, you would remember that they plugged their machine into a faucet, flipped a switch, and hot water and chemical-filled cleaning solution rushed around the cleaning wand. Afterward, your carpets were soaked before much of the liquid was sucked back up again. It’s exactly this use of the hot water and chemicals which can cause damage to your carpet. Despite its name, the service relies on hot water and chemicals soaking your carpet to perform the cleaning task. It is by using so much water that you aren’t able to walk on your carpets for days.

What Is the ION Exchange Cleaning System?

Despite using a cleaning wand, Cleanpro ION exchange carpet cleaning system couldn’t be more different. Utilizing small amounts of a purpose designed and environmentally-friendly cleaning solution in combination with a fraction of the amount of water used by steam cleaning, Cleanpro ION exchange technology works to remove stains and leave your carpet ready to be walked on within a matter of hours. If you are tired of waiting days to walk on your carpet or to move your furniture back to its regular position, then Cleanpro's ION Exchange carpet cleaning system can help. To learn more about its benefits or to book a convenient carpet cleaning appointment, speak with a friendly professional at Denver Cleanpro by calling 303 903 1261.

Mold Growth

Mold growth doesn't just make your home look dirty, it’s also a serious health hazard for yourself, your children, guests who enter your home, and even your pets. If you have ever battled mold growth on your bathroom ceiling then you know just how quickly it can spread. However, many homeowners don’t realize that mold may not only grow at the base of their carpet, but the moisture left behind by steam cleaning can be a significant cause. By introducing and leaving water at the root of your carpet fibers and then placing furniture over the space, your carpet becomes a dark and damp space, ideal for mold growth. In contrast, Cleanpro's ION exchange cleaning system uses so little water that your carpets are dry in hours, not days before mold has even had a chance to think about growing.

Prevent Carpet Damage

Buying good quality carpet means spending a good amount of money, which is why homeowners want to ensure that their carpet lasts for as long as possible. Unfortunately, traditional steam cleaning can actually work against this goal. To be effective, steam cleaning relies on your carpets being soaked in hot water and cleaning fluid filled with harsh chemicals. Over time, this action can pull your carpet fibers from their root while the harsh cleaning solution can wear out the color in your carpet and cause discolored patches. The key to providing your carpet with a thorough cleaning without causing this level of damage is to remove the need to drown your carpet and its root in hot water and chemicals. Cleanpro does this by using its proprietary ION exchange technology, combined with the use of minimal water and a limited amount of environmentally-friendly cleaning solution.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Denver, CO

If your carpets are ready for their next professional carpet cleaning service, speak with Denver Cleanpro at 303 903 1261 to find out more about their ION exchange carpet cleaning system. This system can remove stains and bring your carpets back to life without damage and have them ready to be walked on in a matter of hours. Of course, their professional services also extend to upholstery cleaning and even grout cleaning, helping you to rid your furniture of stains and your bathroom of mold. Be sure to ask about their range of services when you call.

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