Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaners

Even if you clean your carpet regularly, there are some stains and odors that just will not go away. Here are a few of the top reasons to get professional carpet cleaning so your floors can look, smell and feel as good as new.

Save Time

Cleaning the carpet yourself takes a lot of time- to rent the equipment, buy the supplies, on top of the effort to clean itself. Hiring professionals will give yourself more time to devote to other tasks. You are busy, so do not waste your time when a professional can do it for you.

It's Easy!

You do not have to move your furniture around, because you can hire a professional to do it all. You will not have to return any equipment, and the carpet will look better when cleaned by the pros.

It's Healthy!

Professional cleaning gets down deeper into your carpet than you can do on your own. As a result, mold, fungus, dander, dust, and mites that would linger after you clean will be removed by a professional. These could cause allergic reactions and other health hazards that a professional will eliminate for you.

Incessant Odors

Whether from cigarettes, pets, children, or any other source, your carpet is going to take on smells that it is tough to remove. Professional carpet cleaners use products that do more than just cover up the nasty smells like most of the cleaning supplies you will find at your local retailer.

Your Carpet Will Last Longer

Cleaning your carpet regularly will extend its life. Dirty carpets will wear and tear, and need to be replaced. If you keep your carpet clean, it will repay you with additional years.

More Comfort

A clean carpet makes your whole home more comfortable. It feels better beneath your feet. It smells better. And it looks like new. You need to keep it up with vacuuming and other maintenance, but there is nothing more comfortable than your carpet after a professional cleaning.

It Looks Better

When you walk into a home with a dirty, unkempt carpet, there is no bigger turn-off. A professionally-cleaned carpet looks like new, and makes everything look better. Your carpet will look better, smell better, and feel better, making your home more pleasing to guests.

Better Air Quality

Carpets trap odors, pollutants, allergens, bacteria, and other unhealthy contaminants that must be removed to protect your carpet and the quality of the air you are breathing in your home. Professional cleanings also remove mites and bedbugs that may have found home in your carpet.

Protects Your Warranty

Most carpet warranties require you to clean your carpet at least every 12 to 18 months. If you are hoping to cash in on your warranty, you will need to protect your investment by having professional cleanings.

Improves Morale

A cleaner carpet makes for a happier workspace for your employees, and happier family members too.

Reduces Moisture

Rented carpet cleaning equipment often leaves behind excess moisture that can eventually lead to mold growth before the carpet dries. Professionals know how to avoid this disaster. Find out more about the CleanPro quick dry method.  Also, see our earlier post on how to prevent mold growth in your carpet.  Call Denver CleanPro at (303) 903-1261 to find out more.

Facilitates Maintenance

When your carpet is cleaned at least once per year, you make it easier on yourself. Regular vacuuming is more effective when your vacuum cleaner does not have to fight through layers of dirt.

Upcoming Events

If you plan on having many people over, you should have your carpet cleaned beforehand. For best results, have it cleaned a few days before you invite the friends and family over for Thanksgiving.

Children & Pets

We all know that one thing kids and pets have in common is that they love to make messes. Mud, food, paint, fur, bathroom surprises, paw prints, and drool all accumulate in your carpet. Let a professional get rid of all that junk.

Stain Removal

It is true that you can get rid of any stain, but the question is how. Many chemicals that you would buy at the store for removing stains will damage your carpet. Professionals know the best ways to remove stains and have the equipment and technology to get it done faster and more effectively than your household remedies.

Improper Rental Equipment

Different carpets call for different equipment, and the standard cleaner you will likely rent from your local retailer is probably not the best option for your carpet. The professionals know what you need and can provide it for you.

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