When it comes to beer, our hands can get a little slippery. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be left with permanent stains.  In addition to our previous tips on rug care, In this post, Denver Cleanpro will show how to remove beer stains from your carpet.

When it comes to any stain - the faster you can act, the more likely you are to remove the stain

  • To clear any left over cleaning solution from your carpet, use a clear lukewarm water and the non-dyed cloth to rinse the area clean. 
  • Start by applying pressure in a blot motion using plain white paper towels or non-dyed cloth to absorb as much excess liquid as possible.
  • Soak some cloth in about a liter of warm water, mixing in a carpet specific detergent and a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Using small amounts of the cleaning solution at a time, start your way at the edge and dab or blot your way to the middle of the stain.  Be sure not to use too much liquid as this can cause further staining to the roots of your carpet.
  • When it comes to beer stain removal, avoid rubbing over the stain or cleaning an area too large surrounding it as this can help to minimize discoloration.
  • If this hasn’t removed your stain, don’t despair. Beer can be tricky, and may need repeated attempts. Continue application until the stain has gone, and always remember to completely dry the spot prior to each attempt.
  • Now that your beer stain has been removed, carefully blot up remaining moisture from the newly cleaned area.  

When the going gets tough.

Not all stains can be removed with at-home cleaning products, and you may find yourself needing carpet cleaning in Denver. Call our eco cleaning professionals on (303) 903-1261and speak about how we can provide environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.

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