Avoid Common Mistakes When Choosing a Rug

If you have an area rug, you'll want to make it stand out, but if you aren't too sure how to best use it for decorating your space, you could end up making some design blunders. Denver CleanPro suggests avoiding the following mistakes so that when you place your rug, it catches the eye for the right reasons.

Choosing a Tiny Rug

A rug serves as a sort of guide to place your furniture, and if you pick a small one it might make the room look smaller than it really is, or your furniture disproportionately larger.

Hiding the Rug's Pattern With Furniture

If your rug has a flower pattern or something that is noteworthy, don't place big pieces of furniture over it that obscure or plain hide it. It will defeat the purpose of having a decorative rug, or make the room feel like there is too much going on.

Placing It Too Near or Too Far From the Wall

A rug doesn't have to be in the dead center of the room, but if it's placed too close to the wall, or too far from it, especially regarding the placement of the rest of the furniture, it will look as if it was haphazardly thrown there.

Shying Away From Carpet

The presence of carpet in the room does not rule rugs out; on the contrary, choosing a rug that complements the carpet in terms of colour, material or pattern can accent a room quite nicely.

Carpet Cleaning in Denver

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