To care for your carpeting properly, you need to be diligent, committed, and consistent. Still, if you're sometimes unsure of what you need to do and when to keep your carpets in top shape, the following post will share a few tips you should consider, so you can create a schedule to have flawless floors for longer.

How to Set a Carpet Cleaning Schedule You Can Follow

At a Moment's Notice

Accidents happen all of the time. Unfortunately, in some occasions, those accidents can take a toll on your carpeted floors. Spills can lead to unyielding stains that could be extremely difficult to clean up and that could end up ruining your home's style and feel. That's why, if something is spilled on your floors, you should leave everything to tend to it and keep the stain from setting in there. In most occasions, using a little bit of warm water and a clean towel to dab the stain can help lift most of it up. In any case, remember that you can always count on Denver Cleanpro to get rid of those nasty stains for good.

Every Day

If you have a carpet, then you know that its vacuuming sessions are extremely important to lift off any dirt in them and avoid dust accumulation. For that reason, you should clean the carpets in your home regularly. To make this task much easier for you, you can create a schedule in which you designate a day of the week to go over one of the rooms in your house. For instance, you could take care of the bedroom every Monday. This way, you won't be as overwhelmed about vacuuming. Still, be sure not to clean one same room every day, as the excessive pulling from the vacuum can actually loosen up your flooring.

A Few Times a Week

As mentioned above, cleaning one carpeted room every day of the week can do much more harm than good. However, you should still do your best to clean them 2-3 times every week, so they can remain as sanitary as possible. When the time to vacuum the floors comes around, remember to be very thorough and gentle. To that end, slowly work on a same spot a couple of times over, and vacuum in different directions. This will allow the vacuum to suck up much more of the trapped dirt that's between the carpet's fibers and make it clean again. Do this each time you vacuum to prevent dust buildup on your precious carpeted floors. Even if you do a thorough job at cleaning your carpets on your own, you will still need to call the professionals over at Denver Cleanpro in Aurora so they can make your carpet good as new once more. Contact them at 303 903 1261 to learn more about the wonders of their ion exchange cleaning process, or to set an appointment for carpet cleaning in Aurora.

On a Monthly Basis

Up to this point, we've discussed a few things you should do on a regular basis to have a clean carpet. However, now we'll go over an extra step you should take about once a month to ensure your floors are properly maintained. This includes taking care of areas in your carpet that don't get much use; for example, the carpets under your furniture. Yes, they may not get as much traffic as other areas, but that doesn't mean they don't get dirty. Move your furniture around so you can reach those hidden spots and lift any dirt in them. Remember to use your vacuum's attachments so you can do a thorough job.

At Least Once a Year

Lastly, an important part of your carpet cleaning routine, and one that you shouldn't forget to follow, is having a professional team, such as Denver Cleanpro, come and take care of it. Doing this at least once a year will help strip away any dust, nasty organisms, stains, foul odors, or anything else that could be damaging and dulling your carpeting. This will make your floors good as new, and it will even help ensure they will remain in top condition for years to come.

If You Require a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Aurora

Rest assured that Denver Cleanpro in Aurora and their ion exchange cleaning method can deliver the best results for your carpeted floors. Call 303 903 1261 to receive a professional carpet cleaning service in Aurora, which employs little moisture and is completely safe and green. And remember, "Don't Steam Your Carpets, Clean Your Carpets!"

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