Nowadays it’s difficult to find a carpet cleaning company that provides you with the outstanding service you deserve, as most of them use outdated methods that have many disadvantages. However, Cleanpro in Denver the answer you have been looking for. That’s why we created the following post containing some of the most important features of our exclusive system. 


If you have to wait a several days before stepping on your recently cleaned carpet due to the  lingering moisture, it’s possible that your amenity was treated with steam cleaning or hot water extraction. This is not only inconvenient, but it can also be a health threat, as it sets the perfect condition for bacteria and fungi growth. You can forget about this problem with CLEANPRO; our system uses very little moisture, which means that your carpet will dry in 1-2 hours.

We’re Green

Our exclusive Ion Exchange process brings together the sciences of of thermodynamics, kinetics, fluid mechanics, and economics, which makes it extremely effective. Plus, it uses a citrus-based cleaning solution that won’t affect the indoor air quality, and it’s biodegradable, so forget about dealing with any residue.


Our amazing features makes us the best option in the market, and we challenge $50,000 dollars to anyone who can outperform our amazing results. The only rules are that their cleaning method should dry in 1-2 hours, leave no residue and stay environmentally safe.  

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Denver, there are many reasons to choose CLEANPRO. We are always glad to provide you with great service while taking good care of your carpet. Also, be sure to read our previous post containing some signs your carpet needs cleaning. Call (303) 903-1261 to schedule an estimate or learn more about our services, and remember “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”.

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