This Year's Top Vacuum Cleaners

We complete this month's look at the best vacuum cleaners of 2015 with this fine bunch of machines. Let us know if you have an opinion about any of these models.

Neato XV Signature Pro

The Neato XV is a modestly-priced robot vac at just $350 and offers little in features, but it performs better than most higher-priced models. The XV picks up more debris faster, to put it simply. The one knock is that it is louder than other robot vacuums, enough to rouse someone from slumber. But the technology is quite impressive. Like other Neato models, the XV maps your floor and proceeds to follow a route until it is all clean. When done, it returns to its charging station. If the battery is running low in the middle of a clean, it goes for a charge and then returns to the place it had left off. How is that for Neato?

Eureka SuctionSeal Pet AS1104A

For best overall value (at $200), the Eureka Pet may be the machine for you. Despite its name, it did not perform well picking up pet hair, but you can customize the brush height with a dial to fit any kind of floor. Its wand reaches nine feet, which is nice because the Eureka is a monster of a machine that you will not want to lug around on stairs or other areas hard to access. Foot levers operate all controls, and they are remarkably easier to use than many hand controls. If you like to be able to customize your cleaning, and you do not have a pet, then consider the Eureka.

Electrolux Ergorapido Power

There are a few flaws with this stick vac, and the similarly-priced ($200) Hoover Linx outperforms it, but we include the Ergorapido for its high maneuverability and removable, handheld vacuum. It also comes with Electrolux's Brushroll Clean technology, which is a welcome feature. Instead of pulling the brush out to remove hair or other debris, simply pull a lever and a comb cleans out the brush, pushing debris into the bin. Overall, there are better options than the Ergorapido, but it is worthy enough of a place in our best of the year list.

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