To spring clean, you need to wash, wipe, dust, re-arrange, mop, and take care of every single surface and item in your home. To make this task less daunting, read this post which Denver Cleanpro has for you.

How to Spring Clean Your House Effectively

With the arrival of spring comes a chance to start over, improve oneself, and re-arrange your lifestyle. One of the traditions related to this change of seasons is spring cleaning, during which you make an effort to make your home spotless. As you can imagine, this can be an overwhelming endeavor. Still, if you want to give it a try this year, this post will share a few ideas to make your spring cleaning much more manageable.

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Work Out a Schedule

To make this task as easy as possible, work out a schedule in which you include the different cleaning tasks you should take care of and a day of the week to do each one in. For instance, you can manage to deep clean your floors on Monday, wash the bathroom on Tuesday, and so on.

Make a Plan

Lest you want to spend time re-cleaning areas you have already gone over, you will need to make a smart cleaning plan. For example, you can focus on cleaning from top to bottom, or from the inside out of your home. This will save you time and effort.

Clean Safely

Some cleaning tasks require you to use harmful chemicals or put yourself in some level of risk. To ensure you stay as safe as you can, remember to read instructions on tools and products, and to wear protective gear when needed (e.g. work gloves and sunscreen).

Multitask When Possible

If what you want is to be an effective spring cleaning and use your time wisely, multitask whenever you get the chance. For instance, while your dishes are in the dishwasher, work on cleaning their cabinets, so they're good and ready for when the dishes are done.

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De-clutter Your Home

If you don't want to waste time cleaning and organizing items that you don't really want/need/like in your home, why not give de-cluttering a try? Doing so will help you make your home seem lighter. Go through everything you own and divide it into four categories: those things you want to keep, sell, donate, or throw out.

Move Items Efficiently

A lot of spring cleaning has to do with putting things back where they belong. To save yourself some trips, move the misplaced items efficiently. To that end, create piles depending on where said items go (the kitchen, the bedroom, etc.). Then, you can take them there all at once, instead of going back and forth.

Keep a Notebook Handy

Spring cleaning gives you a chance to go through every area and item in your home. This makes it the perfect opportunity to notice if your medicine cabinet needs restocking, or if a drawer needs fixing. That's why, to avoid forgetting about those details, it's a good idea to keep a notebook and pen handy to write them down.

Ask for Help

A great, easy way to make your spring cleaning much less overwhelming and more entertaining, is to ask for help from close friends and relatives. They'll be able to take part of the burden off your hands, which means you'll be able to finish in record time.

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Clean EVERY Little Thing

Spring cleaning is all about going every surface and item in your home and making it as clean as possible. This means that you'll have to wash windows, doors, chairs, drapes, drawers, figurines, books, and anything else you have at home. Don't forget to work on your home's exterior as well.

Take Good Care of Your Carpets

Your carpets have one of the toughest jobs: they're stepped on with dirty shoes, they're victims of spills, they collect dust, and more. That's why it's necessary to clean them professionally deep once a year to strip all of that nastiness from them. Since you're already spring cleaning, why not ensure they're taken good care of as well?

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