Sometimes, guests arrive to your home without much notice. If your home isn't as spotless as it should be, Denver Cleanpro in Denver, CO shares these tips to get your home clean fast as you can.

How to Clean Your Home Fast

Let's be real: most homes aren't squeaky clean 100% of the time. That's why, receiving a phone call from a friend who wants to drop by unexpectedly when your home's isn't at its best, can be incredibly stressful. However, to face those situations, you can follow the tips below to clean your house, fast.

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Pick It All Up

First of all, tour your house with a basket and/or plastic bag on hand. There, put any trash, dirty laundry, or any misplaced item you find while you inspect your home. Rapidly, put the things where they belong (the laundry in the washing machine, the trash in the trash can, etc.), so you can make your place a bit tidier.

Dust Fast

Dust is sneaky and can make any place look dirty. For that reason, you should take a few minutes to dust around your place if you have people coming over without much notice. Of course, you'll want to take special care of those places where dust is most noticeable (for example, on glossy surfaces and the television screen).

Arrange Stuff Quickly

Small details around your house can make a huge difference in how disheveled it looks. That's why, you should go around your place looking for stuff that you can arrange quickly. For example, an unfluffed pillow or a folded rug can change the appearance of your place tremendously, so fix them promptly to put your place's best face on display for your guests.

Spray, Spray, Spray!

Nose blindness is a real phenomenon that occurs when you get used to the scent of your environment. However, even if you have nose blindness in your home, you should be sure that your guests will be able to detect its odors. To mask those less-than-fresh scents, you can spray some air freshener around your house. Just remember not to go overboard, as it could overwhelm your guests.

Vacuum in a Hurry

Your floors are a very prominent part of your home. More so than that, they can give away the condition of your place's cleanliness at a glance. For that reason, you should be prompt and vacuum your floors in a hurry. Simply going over the carpets quickly will help you pick up some of the dust or filth that could be on them.

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Take Care of the Kitchen

Kitchens can be tricky to keep clean, as they're often accumulating dirty dishes and all kinds of trash. However, if there's no way to keep your kitchen closed off to guests, you will have to take care of it quickly before they arrive. To that end, throw the garbage away, wipe down the counters, and at least pile the dirty dishes neatly in the sink to make the space look as tidy as possible.

Tackle the Bathroom

The bathroom is an area that guests are likely to enter. To keep it in good enough condition for when guests get to your place, wipe down the sink, counters, and more, with disinfectant wipes. Then, use newspaper and glass cleaner to clean the mirrors. Of course, you should scrub the toilet with disinfectant and a brush. If needed, shut the door or curtains on the shower to hide any messes in there.

Restrict the Access to Certain Areas

There are some areas in your home (for example, your bedroom), where guests don't need to enter. To avoid spending more time cleaning the place, you should restrict the access to them altogether (if possible). Lock those private rooms away, so you can focus on cleaning the places where your guests will actually go through.

Keep Calm and Cool

Last but not least, you should stay calm. After all, having guests come over to your place is always a good thing, no matter if they're expected or not. Remaining cool will also help you enjoy your guests' company. Plus, it will allow you to keep up the illusion that your home is always as clean as possible.

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