When you’ve decided it’s time to replace your carpet, you may feel bad simply throwing out the old stuff. There may, afterall be something you can do with it in order to create less waste, and the truth is, there are numerous projects that call for old carpet scraps. Today we’d like to go over some of the most unique ways to upcycle your carpet and make your home more functional and environmentally friendly. As you know, here at Denver Cleanpro we use a green cleaning method that protects your family from any unnecessary chemicals and is good for the environment as well. If after you’ve upcycled your old carpet, you discover that your new carpet could use a cleaning, remember us for carpet cleaning in Denver. 

Ways to Use Old Carpet in Your Home:

  • By cutting small pieces of carpet out and gluing them to the bottom of large pieces of furniture, you can help to more easily move that furniture from one place to another in your home, especially in areas where you do not have carpeting. This will not only make the moving easier, it will also prevent your floors from being scratched. Consider putting carpet pieces under desk and dining room chairs and larger pieces of furniture as well
  • You may want to pad your kitchen cabinets with old carpet. This is a great way to keep from making too much noise with your pots and pans while others are sleeping. It’s also easy to clean, just use one of your vacuum attachments to get the job done
  • You may also like the idea, if you’re fond of sound proofing, of cutting out a larger piece of old carpet to use as padding under your washing machine and dryer. This is a great way to keep the loud sound of them working from disturbing your family too much, especially if they are on a hard surface like tile or concrete

Using Old Carpet in Your Garden:

  • Mix in scraps of carpet to use as filler in your mulch in your garden. For a flower garden, place the carpet upside down and place mulch on top of it. Plant your flowers as usual. This is a great way to keep weeds from coming through and killing your flowers. For vegetable gardens, you’ll use the carpet in small scraps, mixing it in with the rest of the mulch you plan on using, then plant as usual

Improving the Life of Your Pet with Carpet Scraps:

  • If you’ve got a dog that spends at least some time outside and has a dog house, you can put a flap over the opening to create a door. Nail the scrap to the inside of the dog house. This will help to keep out cold, wind, and rain and aid in keeping your pup warm and dry
  • Cats can equally benefit from carpet scraps. You can consider wrapping a post with carpet for your cat to scratch. Using either wood or cardboard, wrap the surface in carpet and attach it with superglue or a staple gun. You may want to think about strategically placing this new scratching post near something you’d really rather your animal did not scratch, like a new piece of furniture or a family heirloom, for instance. 

Whether you’ve just gotten new carpet or decided that you weren’t really in need of new carpet just yet, there will come a time when you need a professional carpet cleaning. Whether you’ve tried your best in removing pet stains but just can’t seem to get them completely gone, or have other normal staining and wearing on your carpet, Cleanpro has the carpet cleaning professionals for you. For carpet cleaning in Denver, be sure to give us a call at (303) 903-1261. Remember, don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets.

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