Here at Denver Cleanpro, we know how much you value your home’s decor. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating the right atmosphere in your home, so make sure that wasn’t wasted and keep your upholstery in great condition by following these tips.

Pick carefully

If you haven’t yet purchased your upholstered furniture, make sure to stop and think about what’s best for you before you buy anything. If you have pets or kids, it would be sensible to opt for a hardier synthetic fiber. If, on the other hand, your furniture isn’t likely to see a lot of spills, then this opens up the possibility of more delicate natural fabrics.

Clean immediately

If anyone should spill anything on your fabric, it’s crucial to attend to it straight away. Many fabrics have been treated with stain repellants or retardants, but these simply help to prevent stains becoming permanent, they are by no means a substitute for prompt cleaning!

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming your upholstery weekly to get rid of any surface dirt, but also to remove any dirt and dust built up between the fabric’s fibers that could damage them over time. Make sure to use your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery brush attachment for the best results.

Turn and rearrange cushions

It’s likely that you and your family have your preferred spots on the sofa, so it’s important to rearrange the cushions periodically to avoid particular areas getting more worn than others. Flipping cushions and rearranging them helps to even out wear and tear, keeping your furniture looking newer for longer.

Your upholstery isn’t the only thing that requires your attention; check our guide to signs that your carpet needs cleaning to ensure your flooring stays at its best too!

If you need a helping hand getting your home back to its best, you can count on Denver Cleanpro to provide the best upholstery care and carpet cleaning in Denver. We utilize CLEANPRO’s state of the art technology to deliver results our competitors simply can’t match. Call (303) 903-1261 to find out more.

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