How to Reuse Those Carpet Scraps

If you've changed your carpet and are stuck on what to do with the remaining scraps, don't toss them away! Denver CleanPro has some tips for those strips of fabric in this post and in the following lines. If you'd like new ideas for recycling your old carpet, read on.
  • If your mower gets stuck in the mud while gardening, wedge bigger scraps of carpet under the front edge of the wheel to give it enough traction to dislodge it. This trick also works with cars, so keep a roll of carpet in the trunk.
  • Whenever you need to be kneeling, whether it's for gardening, fixing your car or something else, roll up the old carpet and use it as a knee cushion.
  • If you've got a compost pile in your garden, you can speed up decomposition by placing a large scrap on top; this will keep the heat and moisture in. This tip is particularly recommended for those cold days.
  • Submerge a small piece of carpet into soapy water to scrub windows.
  • If your garage is such a tight fit that you're afraid of bumping your car doors every time you open them, cut a long strip of carpet and attach it to the wall in the exact spot your doors bang the wall.

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