A vacuum cleaner is a mandatory appliance if you own wall to wall carpeting. It will help keep your carpet in good condition, and as you know, continuous care will reflect in that warm and elegant look only carpeting can give to your home. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners and each one responds to different types of carpet. At Denver Cleanpro in Denver, Colorado, we care about your carpet, and that’s why we are posting this blog article to help you choose the perfect vacuum cleaner. 

The Canister

You won’t find more powerful suction elsewhere. The canister type vacuum comes with a long hose and several types of heads. which makes it perfect for multi-surface areas such as tile, wood, low pile, and other hard floor surfaces. It can be a workshop model made specifically to suck up heavy materials and water. On the other hand, the canister could make it difficult to move it around your home.

The Upright

This is the most popular model, and it’s not difficult see why. They have a much larger bag, which means you won’t have to change it as frequently, plus its powerful motor gives you the suction you need to remove debris. Although, these types of vacuums tend to be heavier and cumbersome to move around, unlike the canister, they are compacted into one unit.

The Stick

If you don’t like to lug around heavy vacuums, this one is for you. Its light weight makes it ideal for quick cleaning and you can easily move it to every area in your home. On the downside its suction power  may not be what you need for high-pile carpet.

The Robot

These are cool looking, squat vacuums that can be programmed to clean and scuttle around your home at certain times during the day all by themselves. They have sensors on them to keep them from getting stuck in a corner and they are excellent for chasing dust bunnies under the bed.  At this writing, their suction power leaves little to be desired and the price for one can be quite high. But they are fun to watch!   

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Denver

Next time you think of buying a vacuum cleaner, consider these descriptions so you can be sure you are getting the right vacuum for your home. Professional cleaning is also recommended at least twice a year to keep your carpet in top shape. Give us a call at Denver Cleanpro to schedule an appointment at (303) 903-1261.

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