With limited time available, it’s important for all homeowners to use their cleaning time wisely to get as much done as possible.

If after taking out your vacuum cleaner from its box you simply sealed the box back up and stored it away, then you aren’t alone. Many homeowners assume that the regular vacuum attachment is sufficient to get their cleaning work done and don't consider the rest of their attachments.

Make Cleaning a Little Easier With the Right Tools for the Task

The truth is, however, that these attachments can not only help you to perform a more thorough cleaning, they can also reduce your cleaning time in the process. If you aren’t sure what the range of attachments you have are for, Denver Cleanpro has a post which can help.

Ceiling Fan

One of the most unusual looking vacuum cleaner attachments is the one designed to help you clean your ceiling fan. It is an ‘L’ shape and almost looks like the end of an ice hockey stick. In addition to cleaning your ceiling fan, this attachment can also be used to clean the top of tall appliances and furniture items which would otherwise be left to collect even more dust and grime.

Extension Wand

One of the most convenient of all of your attachments has to be the extension wand. This is the long hose which ends in a small rectangle shaped nozzle. This has a range of benefits, including helping you to:
  • Clean your ceiling and remove cobwebs.
  • Clean dust away from your light fixtures.
  • Clean behind any large items or furniture, such as couches and cabinets.
  • Clean under furniture items.
Of course, if you can think of any other space in your home which doesn’t receive a thorough cleaning because it’s hard to reach, then this is the tool to consider using. However, be sure that it is clean when using it. For example, you don't want to end up with marks on your ceiling caused by dirt from the attachment. If your carpets have seen better days or you are tired of looking at a stain which you just can’t remove, it’s time for professional carpet cleaning in Denver, CO. Speak with Denver Cleanpro at 303 903 1261 and find out how their ION exchange cleaning system can bring your carpets back to life without causing damage and allowing you to walk on them within a matter of hours.

Pet Groomer

The strangest of your attachments has to be your pet groomer. However, once you realize that you have one, it is likely to be one of the most convenient attachments you have. The pet groomer is the small attachment with an oval-shaped nozzle surrounded by short and mildly stiff bristles. This attachment is great for cleaning excess hair and dirt from your dog’s coat. When using this attachment, remember pets aren't always happy with noisy items like a vacuum cleaner, so consider turning the power down or taking the necessary steps to make them feel at ease.

Dusting Attachment

Keeping your home clean from dirt and dust involves more than vacuuming your carpets, it also means dusting your glass shelves. Unfortunately, you can’t use your vacuum attachment to clean glass without damaging it. This is where your dusting attachment comes in. This attachment is likely to be quite small and has a round shaped intake surrounded with long and very soft bristles. These bristles are designed to remove dust from your glass and wooden areas without scratching or causing damage.

Upholstery Cleaner

Last, but certainly not least, is the upholstery cleaner. This attachment can seem strange to include because you likely use your regular attachment when cleaning your couch or upholstery items. While this may do the job, it can also cause damage to these items and doesn’t remove lint. However, your upholstery cleaner attachment both removes lint and cleans your couch and upholstered items without causing damage to their fibers. This attachment is often flat, rectangle shaped, and includes a strip of felt or material, likely red colored.

The Best Carpet Cleaning in Denver, CO

If you can’t remember the last time that you had a professional carpet cleaning or you want to bring new life to your carpet before an event, Denver Cleanpro can help. Give them a call today at 303 903 1261 and speak with a carpet cleaning expert about their ION exchange carpet cleaning system. This system can remove stains and breathe new life into your carpet without causing damage and leaves your carpets usable within hours!

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