If you want your home to have an ethereal, sophisticated, luxurious look, a white carpet is the way to go. However, if you want your floor to stay white, you need to commit to it! Or else, the dirty flooring will make your whole home look unwashed and disheveled. With this in mind, this post will go over a few tips you can use to keep your white carpets spotless.

How to Maintain Your White Carpets


The best way to keep your white carpets free from harm, is to avoid anything from happening to them:

  1. Spray a stain repellent on them so stains won’t grab on to them.
  2. Use rugs and mats to protect high traffic areas in your home.
  3. Enforce a “no shoes” rule in your home so people won’t drag dirt in from outside.
  4. Don’t allow food to be carried from one room to another as this can be disastrous.


Likewise, you want to make sure to maintain your carpet properly so it can stay clean:
  1. Vacuum it thoroughly and effectively a couple of times a week.
  2. Wash it on a monthly basis to remove any dust buildup that may occur in it.
  3. Have it professionally cleaned once a year to strip it from any dirt, stains, odors or microorganisms.

Damage Control

When a spill or other mishap happens and stains your precious white carpet, you’ll need to:
  1. Act fast to avoid the stain from sinking in.
  2. Use a spoon to remove the excess substance from it. DO NOT SCRUB.
  3. Mix water and vinegar and spray the stain with it. Allow it to act for a bit before blotting the spot with a clean towel.
  4. Repeat the previous step until the stain is gone.
  5. If it doesn’t seem to work, use hydrogen peroxide to bleach your carpeting.
  6. Let the carpet dry completely before using it again.

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