Winter is just around the corner, and you want to make sure your home is prepared for the dark, wet, cold months ahead. Hopefully, you implemented our suggestions in our post on removing snow sludge. Here is your checklist for this cold season.

Household Chores to do This Winter in Arapahoe County

Protecting Windows & Doors

  • Check weatherstripping around windows and doors to prevent water from coming in and heat from getting out. Replace any damaged or cracked weatherstripping.
  • Put away the screens on your doors and windows and replace them with storm doors and storm windows.
  • If you have wooden window and door frames, check them for rot. Replace the framing if you find any.
  • Check for any drafts coming from your windows and doors and caulk wherever necessary.
  • If you have cracks, gaps, or broken glass in your windows, get them replaced.

Lawn, Garden, & Deck

  • Cut back any branches or bushes that come into contact with the home. If these get iced over or blown by the wind, they can cause damage to your exterior.
  • Perforate your lawn's soil to aerate it, plant new seeds, and use a winter fertilizer so that your lawn comes back strong in the spring.
  • Check that your drains lead away from your home to prevent any standing water or ice from causing damage. The grade of the dirt around your foundation should slope away from the home. Apply more soil if needed, especially in the lower areas to keep water flowing.
  • Clean, dry, seal, and store your patio furniture or cover with a tarp if no shed is available.
  • Clean your flower pots and planters, removing any soil which could freeze and crack your pots. Terra-cotta is particularly prone to cracking in the cold, so place these on their sides in a wood carton.
  • To replant your flowers in the spring, dig up the bulbs, clean off the soil, and store them in a labeled bag or box with peat moss in a dry area.
  • Store your hoses to keep them from cracking or warping. Drain the water from your outdoor faucets, shut them off, and wrap them in covers. Do the same for sprinkler heads, valves, and any outdoor pipes.
  • Treat your deck if you notice any rot, splintering, or insect damage. Clean in between the wood panels to remove any dirt, leaves, pine needles, or any other debris. Leaving these behind could cause mold and mildew growth.
  • Make sure your outdoor areas are well-lit to help prevent accidents. Secure any handrails so they continue to serve their purpose.

For Carpet Cleaning in Arapahoe County

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Gutter Work

Clogged gutters are the main cause of ice dams, so flush them out with water, inspect the joints, and tighten all the brackets. Consider new models with built-in leaf guards if your gutters are old.

Store Yard Equipment

Clean your yard equipment. Drain fuel from anything that is gas-operated. Inspect your snow equipment to ensure it is ready to go, and place it in the front of your storage unit for easy access.

Check the Deck

Make necessary repairs to your deck. Cover and store furniture and grills. Empty pots of any dirt, which can freeze and break pots if left outdoors.


Caulk around windows and doors to prevent heat loss. Leaving openings can allow water to get in, resulting in mold and ice damage.

Roof Inspection

Look for any loose or missing shingles. Hire a professional to inspect the roof to make sure that it can bear loads of snow and ice.

Heating Systems

Service and inspect your HVAC. If you have a wood stove or fireplace, make sure the door gasket seals tightly.

Change Fan Directions

Reverse the blades of your ceiling fan so that it sends warm air to the ceiling. Keep your humidifiers clean during the cold season to avoid moisture from building up and causing mold problems.


Check your house exterior for peeling or chipping paint. It could be a sign that the coat will not protect your siding, resulting in considerable water damage and more.

Cracks in the Driveway

Clean out and repair any cracks in the driveway, then seal it with a coat of commercial sealer to avoid spreading the damage.

Protect Your ACs External Components

Make sure to remove the air conditioning units from windows and cover any external parts that could rust or corrode.

Get Carpet Cleaning in Arapahoe County

Finally, it is important to have your carpet cleaned professionally every six months for a family of four. Denver CleanPro gets down deep to remove dirt build-up and makes your normal vacuum routine more effective. In Denver, call Denver CleanPro at (303) 903-1261 and visit our webpage for more information.    

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