Carpet Style Guide

We gave you some tips on choosing a new carpet, but we wanted to give you a primer on all styles of carpet that are available to you. The myriad of options can be overwhelming, but we hope to spell it out for you with this primer.

Loop Pile

Loop carpets keep the fibers in woven form, so you see the loops. Berber is a popular, though distinct, style of loop carpet. Loop carpets come in level or textured (multi-level). Level loops have the same height, with smaller loops being more durable. Textured, or multi-level, loops variate the height of the loops, reflecting light differently to create patterns. The advantage of loop carpet is that it hides dirt better, while it is prone to snags and thus not ideal for heavily-trafficked rooms of kids and pets.

Cut Pile

All carpets begin as a loop pile. As the name suggests, cut pile carpets cut the loops, so they are less prone to snag, but more prone to fraying. Cut styles include:
  • Plush: Provide an even look. Popular for combining elegance with durability on the cheap.
  • Saxony: Similar to plush, but with longer fibers that are twisted. Show footprints and vacuum streaks.
  • Frieze: Long fibers with more twists. Shag carpets are frieze style with really long fibers. They hide footprints and other marks, and are very durable.
  • Cable: Long, thick fibers that give the carpet a cozy feel.

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The style is not enough to tell you the quality and durability of the carpet, because each make is different. Hopefully this guide provides you the basics so you can tell the difference between the different styles. When your carpet needs a professional cleaning, contact Denver CleanPro at 303-903-1261 or visit us online to learn more about our CleanPro system.

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