What exactly is Eco-friendly?

CleanPro - Earth WiseEco-friendly is easy to explain. It is a product that does not affect indoor air quality and is biodegradable. Unfortunately, many of our major competitors claim to be “The greenest cleaner out there” or something similar to that phrase. Sadly, many of these companies are not using things that    are eco-friendly when they are cleaning carpets.

The CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System® is actually eco-friendly. Dave Maxwell, the senior chemist who first helped develop the CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System®, made sure that our products for cleaning carpets would meet that criteria. Kevin Owsley the president of CLEANPRO assisted in doing research for Wendy Bounds, a Senior Editor for the Wall Street Journal. After the research was complete, the Wall Street Journal double checked and triple checked its facts as the Wall Street Journal does. The US government does not certify carpet cleaning products. They simply don’t have the time or the resources to do so.

When the article came out in the Wall Street Journal, Kevin Owsley and CLEANPRO were praised for helping with that article. The summary of the article, was basically buyer beware, unfortunately. The reason being is that the private companies that are out there that certify, do it for profit. We think that interprets itself.  CLEANPRO is what we call self-certified.
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