Approximately 50% of people out there are pet owners. The biggest mistake you can do is to go to the nearest supermarket or pet store and buy the pet stain remover’s that they have on the shelf. We’ve tested them, and they all are pretty much just a version of soap, detergent or surfactant. Even if the stain is removed these products leave a lot of residue in the carpet and what is left a week or two later is what we call a secondary stain. This is where the original stain turns to a dark gray color. This is because the dust attracts to this product in the carpet and you have more of a problem. The CLEANPRO® Pet Stain Remover is a one-of-a-kind product that is unlike any other. Our pet stain remover was designed to neutralize the pet stain. What we mean by that, is to stop it in its tracks by using chemistry. The yellow spots you see from your pets is the protein. We simply neutralize the protein. It works overwhelmingly with almost every pet stain we encounter. This also includes pet vomit as well. Our CLEANPRO cleaning solution will remove pet stains most of the time all on its own. If needed, our eco-friendly pet stain remover will almost always do the job.


One of the things that steam cleaning (hot water extraction) cannot do is remove pet hair from carpet. Even the best vacuum cleaner can’t remove pet hair either. Pet hair weaves itself right through the fibers and that is why it’s so difficult to get out. The CLEANPRO Carpet Cleaning System® will remove pet hair no problem.
Pet Stain Removal - Dog
Pet Stain Removal - Cat